Jerry Garcia Week 2011 Day 4: Part Of Something Bigger

I have to keep this short as this week is, for me, one of the busier work weeks and that, sadly, limits the time I can commit to waxing endlessly about my love of the music of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. So, as I’ve been doing all week, I’ll let Garcia speak for himself. Along with another. Grateful Dead biographer and all around terrific Dead-Head, Blair Jackson, who just wrote a piece over at about the fact that Jerry was, most certainly, the driving creative force behind the Grateful Dead, but he wasn’t, in and of himself, the Grateful Dead. Grateful Dead was a collection of supremely talented musicians who had a very special and rare connection. And while Garcia’s mood could dictate a good night from a not-so-good night, he was still part of a whole. And that’s just the way he wanted it.

Here is a link to Blair Jackson’s recent post IWAAJ, OR WAS IT? Followed by two clips of Garcia discussing the notion of musicians versus “names” “celebrities” “stars.” I think, between the two of them, Jerry and Blair say it all.

Jerry Garcia Week 2011 Day 4: Part Of Something Bigger

One thought on “Jerry Garcia Week 2011 Day 4: Part Of Something Bigger

  1. bob says:

    I thought I should let someone who might appreciate this know about the dream. In August 1995 I was managing a fly fishing lodge in southwestern Montana. The days started before sunrise and on the morning of August 9 I awoke puzzled by a dream that had just left leaving more questions than answers. All I could remember from the dream was that I was “with the dead”. I couldn’t remember if it was the dead, or The Dead. I was a strong dream, it stayed with me all morning. Around noon I heard on the radio that Jerry had left us and I knew without question what the dream was about.

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