Jerry Garcia Week 2011 Days 8 & 9: A Body Of Work

As this year’s Garcia week comes to a close, I want to direct everyone’s attention to the incredible body of work, musical and otherwise, that Jerry Garcia was a part of. Here are just a few of the places one can find Garcia’s vast legacy online:

Here’s a web site many of you are already familiar with, but one some of you may not have ventured a visit to: The Grateful Dead Listening Guide over at This site offers what might just be the most creatively written and all-consuming collection of live Dead show-suggestions on the web. Or anywhere else, for that matter. The site is self-descibed as “Helping new and old-comers navigate through listening choices in the sea of Grateful Dead shows available on and off line.” 

Shows are chosen by quality of playing as well as quality of recording. All years are represented. If you’re looking for the best audience recording from a particular year, you will probably find it here. Best soundboard? Also here. Want to know what the Dead’s famed Wall Of Sound sounded like in an outdoor stadium? Look no further.

This site has turned me on to many shows I had never heard before or had never heard so well. It is a great way to discover the music of the Grateful Dead as well as Jerry Garcia’s unique playing style. The site is updated regularly and each addition is a gem.

Here’s a sample: 1974 July 31 – Dillon Stadium.

As for the Grateful Dead on video, The Grateful Dead movie is always a terrific place to start. Here’s my review of the film and DVD release.

You can also visit the largest resource of live Grateful Dead recordings on the internet over at the Internet Archives. Here you can download audience recordings and listen to streaming soundboards of just about every Dead show ever played! Now THAT’S a pretty amazing feat!

Want to check out a set list from a specific place and year? Look no further than You’ll find each and every one ready and awaiting your perusal.

Want to take a stroll through the many paintings and drawings Jerry Garcia produced in his lifetime? You can pick up the book Jerry Garcia: The Collected Artwork, or visit my post, The Paintings & Sketches Of Jerry Garcia.

And for you torrent-users out there who like to download the latest and best-sounding Grateful Dead shows that find their way into circulation, you have to spend some serious time over at Check back every couple of days as old recordings are being remastered constantly by the best and brightest in the online trading community.

And while you’re doing all of that, keep in mind how lucky we all are to have lived in a world and at a time when Jerry Garcia was alive and making music, regardless of whether or not you had a chance to see the man perform in person. Thanks to the age in which Mr. Garcia was born, there is a solid record of his contributions here. And I, for one, will continue working my way through as much as I can possibly consume. With much gratitude.

We miss you, Jerry. With all our hearts.

Jerry Garcia Week 2011 Days 8 & 9: A Body Of Work

3 thoughts on “Jerry Garcia Week 2011 Days 8 & 9: A Body Of Work

  1. Jerry is still giving the world joy in the form of his cosmic compassion for us still trapped on the Earth plane. I found solace in using him as a character in my novel series ‘Psychedelic Prophet’ where he assists a mysterious stranger in saving the world from hate, greed and terrorism. GS

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Jerry. It is so rare – he looks happy, and thin, and alert. Sadly, all rarities. Bonus, I am pretty sure I was at this show. This was Vegas in the early 90s, right? The photo Jerry doesn’t give me a timeline, but the guitar sure does. That is a Cripe… which is post Tiger… so which is post 91. Right?
    btw… I love this picture so much, I have stolen it a few times to post. I always leave your tag at the bottom, though. Would never photoshoppe that out. I hope my stealing it brings your free publicity and readers.

  3. btw, I am sure the app doesn’t tell you much. My name is Kevin, from Denver, CO. I write under the name ‘Lono’. Have a couple of sites. But I won’t mention them. I am not here to pimp them, I am here to praise you!

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