Weathering The Storm Of Disappointment: When DSO Doesn’t Turn The Clock Back Far Enough

This has nothing to do with the talent or skill of Dark Star Orchestra. I have never seen them not play well. But I am learning something about myself that I must face: I’m simply not fond of the Grateful Dead’s set lists or sound post 1984. In fact, I would go as far asContinue reading “Weathering The Storm Of Disappointment: When DSO Doesn’t Turn The Clock Back Far Enough”

You Win Again: Copenhagen, Denmark April 14, 1972

The fourth show on the Grateful Dead’s first-ever tour of Europe landed them in a hall that was tailer-made for music. Located in the center of the Tivoli Gardens amusement park, the 1,700 seat Tivoli Concert Hall had been designed for classical music performances, though the Dead were not the first rock band to playContinue reading “You Win Again: Copenhagen, Denmark April 14, 1972”

Spielberg Makes Sure Fans Know He Is NOT George Lucas

Say what you want about Steven Speilberg, but he is fast becoming a firm and vocal voice against the re-writing of film history. So much so that he has not shied away from some very vocal jabs against old pal George Lucas who has recently come under fire once again for his incessant altering ofContinue reading “Spielberg Makes Sure Fans Know He Is NOT George Lucas”

Grateful Dead Movie Announced For Blu-Ray Release!

Shout Factory has just announced a November 1st release date for this amazing film on Blu-ray. Here’s what it will include: Disc 1 – Blu-ray The Grateful Dead Movie in its entirety transferred from the original 35mm film negative in High Definition and presented in: 1.78:1 widescreen aspect ratio 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio presentationContinue reading “Grateful Dead Movie Announced For Blu-Ray Release!”

Self-Proclaimed Barbarian: The Altering Of Our Cultural & Artistic Heritage

Let me begin by explaining here that I am not a rabid Star Wars fan. I did love the original film as a kid. I was, in fact, quite obsessed with it. But I was also 13 at the time. Now, at the ripe old age of 47, my desire to go back and seeContinue reading “Self-Proclaimed Barbarian: The Altering Of Our Cultural & Artistic Heritage”

Happy Birthday, Pigpen!!!!

Today I’ll be celebrating Ron McKernan’s Birthday with yet another show from his final tour. The new Europe ’72: The Complete Recordings box is chock full of many of Pigpen’s last performances (he returned to the States for one more show at the Hollywood Bowl and then succumbed to the illness that eventually took hisContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Pigpen!!!!”

Comes A Time: Newcastle, England April 11th, 1972

A Tuesday night at Newcastle City Hall in Newcastle, England. Third show of the tour before taking the ferry across to Denmark and the mysterious continent beyond. Many a band had played the industrial town of Newcastle, England before the Dead. In fact, Eric Burdon and The Animals derived from Newcastle so the locals already had theirContinue reading “Comes A Time: Newcastle, England April 11th, 1972”

On The Road Again: London, England April 7 & 8, 1972

It’s hard to describe to non-Heads exactly why the Grateful Dead’s first tour of Europe was so special. And therefore, why anyone would spend a nice chunk of change purchasing the recently released box set of all 22 shows (73 CDs!). That’s every note recorded. Luckily for us, Warner Bros. Music offered to foot aContinue reading “On The Road Again: London, England April 7 & 8, 1972”