Oscar Noms Tepid As Usual – Part 2

Let’s start this second part off by discussing some of the films and perfs that didn’t get nominated before we move on to more of the ones that did. I already talked about the travesty that is not nominating MELANCHOLIA for any awards. So let’s talk about TAKE SHELTER next. This incredible film by director JeffContinue reading “Oscar Noms Tepid As Usual – Part 2”

Oscar Noms Tepid As Usual – Part 1

Anyone who knows me or has followed my posts knows that I am no fan of Award Ceremonies. And my expectations for the Oscars is at an all-time low so there’s very little they can do to surprise me. Which is different from disappointing me as I hold out vain hope that one day AcademyContinue reading “Oscar Noms Tepid As Usual – Part 1”