Uniondale ’81. The last great Dead show?

It seems that somewhere around the fall of 1978, Jerry Garcia started showing signs of wear and tear due to his ongoing love of the persian. He still played many, many tremendous shows before his life would come screeching to a halt, but ill health and a drug-induced slow-down of motor skills caused this immenseContinue reading “Uniondale ’81. The last great Dead show?”

Weekend Vibe: Grateful Dead MUSIC NEVER STOPPED Feb. 3, 1978

This may well be the single best MUSIC NEVER STOPPED the Grateful Dead ever played. Just bursting with energy. Wholly unique. This is not the world’s greatest audience recording, but you get such a feel for the space (Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI) and the crowd reaction as to make it more than a worthwhileContinue reading “Weekend Vibe: Grateful Dead MUSIC NEVER STOPPED Feb. 3, 1978”

Santorum & The Evil That Men Do

“Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.” –Blaise Pascal. It seems almost daily that I read another comment or another statement steeped in fear and hatred uttered from the lips of Rick Santorum, self-proclaimed Christian and American moralist. I do, thankfully, realize that Santorum doesContinue reading “Santorum & The Evil That Men Do”

Ben Gazzara – Loved & Remembered

Was deeply saddened to hear of Ben Gazzara’s passing today. I had the pleasure of seeing him speak in person before a screening of HUSBANDS last year. He was both wonderfully eloquent and delightfully indelicate. I couldn’t have loved him more. Here’s a link to my post from back then complete with an audio ofContinue reading “Ben Gazzara – Loved & Remembered”