Raymond Chandler & The Monkey Business of Hollywood

In March 1948, writer Raymond Chandler penned a piece in The Atlantic entitled OSCAR NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD. Anyone who reads my blog on a semi-regular basis is already familiar with my strong opinions on the current state of Hollywood filmmaking and its own awards ceremony that never fails to shamelessly flatter itself. Mr. Chandler’s pieceContinue reading “Raymond Chandler & The Monkey Business of Hollywood”

Blu-ray Kvetch Session

I originally wrote this article for THE EXAMINER on March 29, 2010. I’m slowly transferring some of those articles over to my blog.  Blu-ray is the best thing to hit the home theater world since, well… since DVD. Except it’s so much better than DVD. And while the picture and sound are mostly quite astoundingContinue reading “Blu-ray Kvetch Session”

JACK STRAW From Boulder. On Your Mark, Get Set…

Don’t you just love those shows where the boys hit it out of the ballpark on the very first song? There’s that anticipation of “What’s the energy gonna be like tonight?” and “I hope Jerry’s ‘on’ tonight,” etc. and then they kick into that opening number and the energy’s through the roof and Jerry’s justContinue reading “JACK STRAW From Boulder. On Your Mark, Get Set…”