JACK STRAW From Boulder. On Your Mark, Get Set…

Don’t you just love those shows where the boys hit it out of the ballpark on the very first song? There’s that anticipation of “What’s the energy gonna be like tonight?” and “I hope Jerry’s ‘on’ tonight,” etc. and then they kick into that opening number and the energy’s through the roof and Jerry’s just jumpin’…

Well that’s what we get here with this terrific audience recording (thanks to Charlie Miller for his work on this one) of JACK STRAW from Folsom Field at the University of Colorado in Boulder on June 7, 1980. Yes, Brent plays on this one, but this was back in those early days when he blended better and the boys were still tight and everyone held their own. And like so many of those super-high-energy shows, it’s a little rough around the edges, but in the good way that makes you wanna dance and encourages that wide grin to spread across your face with sheer delight, that uncontrollable, uncontainable joy that only the Grateful Dead at their best could manifest.

Enjoy. Oh, and did I mention… Play it loud.

To listen to the entire show (and once the above link dies, cause it will…), go HERE.

JACK STRAW From Boulder. On Your Mark, Get Set…

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