Jerry Garcia Week 2012 Day 1: Turning 70…

Today, had he lived, Jerry Garcia would have turned 70. I wonder what kind of a celebration we would have had. Assuming he had managed to regain his health, had finally quit the persian for good, and was still making music. It would have been a time to smile. Wide. But here we find ourselvesContinue reading “Jerry Garcia Week 2012 Day 1: Turning 70…”

Favorite Quotes: Bruce Springsteen on Adulthood & Music

“For an adult, the world is constantly trying to clamp down on itself. Routine, responsibility, decay of institutions, corruption: this is all the world closing in. Music, when it’s really great, pries that shit back open and lets people back in, it lets light in, and air in, and energy in, and sends people homeContinue reading “Favorite Quotes: Bruce Springsteen on Adulthood & Music”

Great American Films Still Get Made, They’re Just Hard To Find: Lonergan’s 3-Hr MARGARET

“Kenny, you made a masterpiece. Unfortunately it’s in the wrong decade and the wrong country.” These were actor Mark Ruffalo’s words to writer/director Kenneth Lonergan upon seeing the 3-hour cut of Lonergan’s film MARGARET. For those who don’t know, playwright Lonergan’s second film (his first was the incredibly well-received YOU CAN COUNT ON ME, alsoContinue reading “Great American Films Still Get Made, They’re Just Hard To Find: Lonergan’s 3-Hr MARGARET”

Disney’s SLEEPING BEAUTY Sparkles in 70mm at the Academy

I’ve been doing the 70mm festival over at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences. The festival is being billed as “The Last 70mm Film Festival.” A rather ill-concieved and overly pessimistic title, particularly given the fact that this festival is sold out and Seattle recently held a mega-successful, mega-70mm fest at their CineramaContinue reading “Disney’s SLEEPING BEAUTY Sparkles in 70mm at the Academy”

NORWEGIAN WOOD Film Honors Murakami’s Dream

I’ve read most (though not yet all) of Haruki Murakami’s books. NORWEGIAN WOOD is easily his most straight-forward and accessible. This from a writer known for his stream-of-consiousness and oftentimes abstract and dreamlike storytelling qualities. The book came as a surprise to those who may have wondered if Murakami was capable of writing outside hisContinue reading “NORWEGIAN WOOD Film Honors Murakami’s Dream”

Obama’s New Look: Boxing Gloves.

This is so very interesting. Many liberal Democrats I know complained throughout Obama’s first term that he was not tough enough on Republicans, that he and Democrats in general, never learned how to play hard-ball; never learned how to take on Republicans at their own game. Well, he’s doing it now. And for anyone withContinue reading “Obama’s New Look: Boxing Gloves.”