Obama’s New Look: Boxing Gloves.

This is so very interesting. Many liberal Democrats I know complained throughout Obama’s first term that he was not tough enough on Republicans, that he and Democrats in general, never learned how to play hard-ball; never learned how to take on Republicans at their own game. Well, he’s doing it now. And for anyone with a moral backbone and a sense of pride, there’s something slightly icky about it. But only slightly. There’s another side to the coin that feels like “Finally!” I guess you can’t win against a dishonest and morally corrupt opponent without meeting them, to a certain degree, on their own playing field. And it’s even more interesting (and totally expected and in keeping with today’s right wing hypocritical antics) that Republicans are calling foul. If Reagan gave us anything, it was a growing sense of greed as the national pastime. Even baseball reeks of it. Reagan probably never imagined the seeds he sowed would grow into such a mammoth disintegration of the country he loved. Yet, he is the father of so much of what we see today when we look at our nation in the mirror.

At the very least, there are some Republican’s that are calling foul on Romney as well, knowing that a nominee who is clearly hiding something and being called out publicly on it, can only run so far. Particularly when there is a campaign (however under-funded by comparison) to keep that news on the front page. Today’s Republican party has shown, via its actions (and non-actions) in Congress and in the public comments made by so many of its members over the last three and a half years, that truth has no place and that honesty is a luxury ill-afforded to the winners in any race. If you can get away with it, do. If you don’t get caught, then lying, cheating and stealing is justifiable. If you can convince people to shoot themselves in the foot and make them fight for their right to do so, then make it happen and never apologize.

But just as there are greedy, dishonest Democrats, there are also selfless and honest Republicans most unhappy with the direction their own party has taken. I hope they regain the stronger voice in the years to come.

In the meantime, the “American values” publicly espoused by today’s Republican Party have become one of the gravest smears on our nation. On human beings in general. And the anti-intellectualism and rampant fear it has fostered has placed us in low-standing with many of our friends and neighbors around the globe. It has also cultivated an underlying sense of self-hatred in our citizens while advancing an already existent distrust of our nation and its people by many who have long questioned our motives and values.

Obama’s vision of working together as a nation has failed. Despite the promise and hope his election elicited in not only the American people, but in the world over. But it was not for lack of trying, oh no. It was due simply to a lack of participation.

I hope one day Americans as a group come to learn that our strength lies not in who we bully, but in who we care for.

Obama’s New Look: Boxing Gloves.

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