Disney’s SLEEPING BEAUTY Sparkles in 70mm at the Academy

I’ve been doing the 70mm festival over at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences. The festival is being billed as “The Last 70mm Film Festival.” A rather ill-concieved and overly pessimistic title, particularly given the fact that this festival is sold out and Seattle recently held a mega-successful, mega-70mm fest at their Cinerama Theatre.

Last week the Academy offered a chance to see a gorgeous 70mm print of IT’S  A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (audio of that Q&A to be posted here soon!). And this past Monday gave us the incredibly rare screening of Disney’s SLEEPING BEAUTY, which I was thrilled to finally see in that format. The print was gorgeous.

In addition to the 70mm features, the Academy has put together pre-shows of restored 70mm shorts, as well as terrific Q&A’s to introduce these incredible films and the technology behind them. This past week offered a Q&A with animators Andreas Deja and Michael Giaimo, hosted by Randy Haberkamp, Managing Director, Programming, Education and Preservation at AMPAS. I’m including the audio with some stills (courtesy of Richard Harbaugh) from that Q&A for your enjoyment. Wish I could show you the stunning 70mm print as well! The beginning of Mr. Haberkamp’s intro is clipped, but the remainder is here in its entirety.


Disney’s SLEEPING BEAUTY Sparkles in 70mm at the Academy

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