Accusing Filmmakers of Self-Indulgence & Other Storytelling Obstacles

Anyone familiar with my posts knows that I strongly dislike the term “pretentious” when used in the context of a negative connotation to put down the work of an artist. I believe it to be incredibly damaging, not only to the artist and their work, but to the artistic community at large. In truth, itContinue reading “Accusing Filmmakers of Self-Indulgence & Other Storytelling Obstacles”

Critics Desperate Once Again To Find SILVER LININGS

It seems almost every year there is a decent film –somewhat average, but entertaining– that touches ever-so-gently on something deeper while avoiding actually digging beneath the surface. That film somehow manages to be held aloft as daring, groundbreaking, award-worthy. I’m always amazed at how these mediocre films manage to fly so high in the mindsContinue reading “Critics Desperate Once Again To Find SILVER LININGS”