No Appetite For THE HUNGER GAMES: or Why I’m Not Afraid Of Existential Angst

I was finally coerced into watching THE HUNGER GAMES last night. I will say in all honesty that it was very “watchable.” I had expected to be bored to tears and to find the whole experience excruciating. It was not. Jennifer Lawrence is a good enough actor with enough on-screen charisma to counter the completeContinue reading “No Appetite For THE HUNGER GAMES: or Why I’m Not Afraid Of Existential Angst”

Desires & Lessons: Articulating A Filmmaking Experience

Back in 2009, I was interviewed by illustrious writer and chef (yes, that’s correct, he’s also a masterful culinary expert) Herbert M. Brindl for Rogue Cinema. I’ve been interviewed a fair amount over the years in all kinds of publications — from print to the internet — regarding my somewhat harrowing and sadly-all-too-common experiences as the writer/directorContinue reading “Desires & Lessons: Articulating A Filmmaking Experience”

The Mad, Mad Jonathan Winters: Then & Now

Today is a sad day with the announcement of the passing of Jonathan Winters. He was a favorite comedian of mine since I was little. I had the sincere pleasure of seeing Mr. Winters speak last year at a very special screening at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences of a new 70mmContinue reading “The Mad, Mad Jonathan Winters: Then & Now”