THE HOBBIT: The Desolation Of Tolkien

Before anyone gets too excited or too defensive over the title of this post, let me start by proclaiming that I am not only a massive fan of Tolkien’s masterworks, but I am also a big fan of Peter Jackson’s filmic interpretation of THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. Now I’m speaking of the ExtendedContinue reading “THE HOBBIT: The Desolation Of Tolkien”


When I first saw GRAVITY, I saw it in 2D. Or as it’s better known, NOT in 3D. I was told by friends who enjoyed the film and knew that I was not a big fan of the usual 3D experience, that GRAVITY need not be seen in 3D, that it would work just asContinue reading “GRAVITY: 2D vs 3D”

L.A. Film Critics Reveal Appalling Vapidity. Again.

This is truly appalling. It seems each and every year, film critics lose all perspective on films and filmmaking. If anyone out there believes GRAVITY to be a well-written film that reveals anything beyond the most one-dimensional and least introspective narrative created for the sole purpose of offering an audience what is essentially an overlongContinue reading “L.A. Film Critics Reveal Appalling Vapidity. Again.”