Linda Tirado is Long Overdue on Overtime


It feels so odd, so rare and so right when someone calls it like it is. Linda Tirado, who recently rose to fame (and climbed out of poverty as a result) after Penguin convinced her to write her book HAND TO MOUTH: LIVING IN BOOTSTRAP AMERICA, speaks her mind and thoughts on Bill Maher’s REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER and again in the web-only follow-up OVERTIME.

818Nt-CU4eLNo matter what you might feel about Maher, Tirado is probably the most straightforward spokesperson for the disenfranchised in this country. Mostly because she knows of what she speaks from a lifetime of experience. Intelligent, articulate and unafraid, Tirado calls it as it is, something I am unaccustomed to seeing as the large percentage of people who make it onto TV talk shows or the news usually seem to be weighted down by an alternate agenda that completely whitewashes –or at least diminishes– the impact of their statements and arguments.

Tirado’s agenda seems pretty clear and it feels like a swim in a cool pond on a boiling hot day. I actually felt myself breathing easier just listening to her; to have someone articulate these thoughts and feelings in such a straightforward, no-nonsense manner. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been yearning for a voice that matches my own. And the choices out there usually run from cautious to misguided.

I’m also becoming a bigger and bigger fan of Bernie Sanders, who is also quite outspoken here on Maher’s show.

I don’t know if this country has strayed so far from the path that healing and repairing the damage is too late or not, but these two give me hope. I know, hope is a dangerous thing to have since it was the tagline of Obama’s campaign and he turned out to be, well, a Republican in Democrats clothing. But just to hear these things voiced from a place of seeming sincerity, awareness AND understanding… It’s a great potential start.

Now let’s hope some corporate heavyweights with personal agendas and the money to back them don’t come in and usurp it all and turn it into some liberal version of the Tea Party, hence suppressing those rare voices of sincerity.

Linda Tirado is Long Overdue on Overtime

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