“THE HOBBIT” PART 3: A Bad Day At The Movies

It is an amazing and somewhat distressing thing to watch an artist, a filmmaker, who creates something you love, turn around and make films that don’t speak to you on any level. I have not been a fan of any of Peter Jackson’s other films post THE LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy. As a filmmaker, his sensibilities haveContinue reading ““THE HOBBIT” PART 3: A Bad Day At The Movies”

FOXCATCHER & WHIPLASH: A Damn Good Day At The Movies

Caught up with FOXCATCHER yesterday. A disturbing and twisted little true story with terrific performances across the board (even with all the prosthetics). Channing Tatum continues to impress me. Maybe in part because I paid so little attention to him when he first hit the scene. It wasn’t until Soderbergh’s HAYWIRE that I realized just how engagingContinue reading “FOXCATCHER & WHIPLASH: A Damn Good Day At The Movies”