Oscar Voting Part 2: Another Academy Voter Shares Their Honest Reasons For Voting

oscarbrainHere’s another Academy Voter’s honest reasons for voting as he does. His tastes are certainly better than the woman referenced in my previous post, but there is still an innate lack of daring in this viewer, a complete lack of layered storytelling sensibility on display here.

VOTER PROFILE: A longtime member of the Academy’s 387-member short films and feature animation branch who has been nominated for an Oscar.

“Whiplash is offensive — it’s a film about abuse and I don’t find that entertaining at all.”

“[The GrandBudapest [Hotel] is beautifully made, but its story just isn’t special.”

“I didn’t think Selma was a particularly good film, apart from the main actor [David Oyelowo], and I think the outcry about the Academy being racists for not nominating it for more awards is offensive.”

Birdman, I didn’t get it at all — I look around and it’s doing so well and I just don’t get it.”

“I admired Boyhood and it didn’t bore me, but it doesn’t totally work.”

“Theory [of Everything] I loved. It was the only one of the nominees that fully worked as a whole film — it was beautifully performed, nicely directed and it was about something.”

“I can’t vote for [Birdman’s MichaelKeaton, [The Imitation Game’s BenedictCumberbatch or [American Sniper’s BradleyCooper because I didn’t really like their movies.”

“[Foxcatcher’s] Steve Carell was interesting — I went to school with some of the du Ponts and I believe it [the film’s story] — but the movie wasn’t great.”

“[Still Alice’s] Julianne Moore and the others were all fine but in movies that leave a lot to be desired.”

“I loved Into the Woods a lot more than most people and her performance [Meryl Streep’s] is the main reason why. She’s unbelievable.”

“Making a good film about a well-known real person is really challenging, so I again would go back to The Theory of Everything. Who knows if they got it right about the guys in American Sniper and The Imitation Game? And, to me, turning a short into a feature [Whiplash] is a lesser challenge.”

Boyhood was a very good film but I feel like they came up with the story as they went along. I thought Nightcrawler was masterful.”

“Here’s a chance to give Guardians of the Galaxy an award [for BEST MAKEUP and HAIRSTYLING]. It was a tremendously entertaining and fun movie.”

“I loved Interstellar — I like science fiction and that’s a movie with balls… how do you create a sound where there is no sound in a vacuum? I thought it was very creative [for BEST SOUND EDITING].”

Oscar Voting Part 2: Another Academy Voter Shares Their Honest Reasons For Voting

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