Does “SELMA” Shine A Light On More Than Just Its Story?

I liked SELMA. And I thought it suffered a bit from the usual standard biopic pitfalls of not digging more deeply into the complex areas inherent in its story and characters, as well as not trusting actual events to be powerful enough of a story to not have to alter history to create extra dramaContinue reading “Does “SELMA” Shine A Light On More Than Just Its Story?”

“NOT THE GRATEFUL DEAD” Even More Cynical Than I

I post the below article written by Stewart Sallo in the Boulder Weekly titled LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, NOT THE GRATEFUL DEAD not because I agree with it, but to represent part of the experience Dead-Heads are having. This article is far more cynical than I am. I would prefer to believe the remaining members of the GratefulContinue reading ““NOT THE GRATEFUL DEAD” Even More Cynical Than I”

Puerile Endeavors: Netanyahu’s Speech

Republicans are fond of being the first at things. The first to invade a country that didn’t attack us. The first to undermine a sitting President’s authority by inviting another world leader to speak before Congress AGAINST the U.S. President’s foreign policy initiative in the midst of negotiations… Like most things these oversized children enact,Continue reading “Puerile Endeavors: Netanyahu’s Speech”

Churning Pessimism: Harrison Ford To Star In “BLADE RUNNER” Sequel

I’m not gonna lie. This sounds just awful. In truth, I can’t see any way it could be anything but. Not in today’s filmmaking climate and not with whatever oversized budget this puppy’s gonna have. I suppose it’s a good thing that Ridley Scott isn’t directing again since the original BLADE RUNNER was the last film heContinue reading “Churning Pessimism: Harrison Ford To Star In “BLADE RUNNER” Sequel”

Dave’s Picks Vol 13: Winterland, Feb. 24, 1974

It is such a treat to have an ongoing series of full-show releases of Grateful Dead concerts released by Rhino and the Dead (4 a year). Most of these shows were not originally recorded with the intention of commercial release, so many are imperfect insomuch as the mixes are not as precise as one might be usedContinue reading “Dave’s Picks Vol 13: Winterland, Feb. 24, 1974”