Fare Thee Well Night Two: Desire & Admission

You can read my post on the first night here.  It’s an odd experience feeling disappointment around something so very special and important in my life. Some have shared my experience and interpretation, others have their own and it varies wildly. No experience is wrong. I’ve been accused by some in the past few daysContinue reading “Fare Thee Well Night Two: Desire & Admission”

Fare Thee Well Stumbles Out Of The Starting Gate

Let me begin by saying I love these guys. I’ve been a hardcore DeadHead since 1975. It was a joy to see Phil Lesh smiling and having so much fun up there on stage for the first night of the 5-night Fare Thee Well 50th celebration of the Grateful Dead with the “core-four” remaining membersContinue reading “Fare Thee Well Stumbles Out Of The Starting Gate”

Observations on Cinema vs. the Capitalist Feeding Frenzy

Filmmaker William Friedkin was recently interviewed for a piece in The Telegraph titled “Superhero movies are ruining cinema, says Exorcist director William Friedkin.” I agree with Friedkin’s sentiment and I would take it one step further and say that it’s not “Superhero movies” that are ruining cinema, but that those films are a product of what has soContinue reading “Observations on Cinema vs. the Capitalist Feeding Frenzy”