Why Academy Members’ Lack-of-Diversity Is An Important Conversation

  I’ve heard a whole lot about this topic from many different sides of the conversation lately. I come at this already not being a fan of the Oscars as a representation of film and cinema and I gave up watching them several years ago. It’s been suggested by some (or many, even) that the reasonContinue reading “Why Academy Members’ Lack-of-Diversity Is An Important Conversation”

Disagreeing with Carol Cadwalladr’s Assessment of THE REVENANT

I couldn’t possibly disagree more with Carol Cadwalladr‘s assessment of THE REVENANT in her recent piece in The Guardian titled “The Revenant is Meaningless Pain Porn.” I would agree that our culture displays a whole lot of meaningless violence, yes, even to a pornographic level, but of all the films to accuse of this, THE REVENANTContinue reading “Disagreeing with Carol Cadwalladr’s Assessment of THE REVENANT”

New Year’s Eve With Dead & Company

I finally caught up with Dead & Company live. It was at the Forum in Los Angeles for two nights closing out 2015. I’ve been watching and listening to the band’s entire tour online and have been incredibly impressed with the energy and communication happening up on that stage. My experience of being there was pretty great,Continue reading “New Year’s Eve With Dead & Company”