The Difficulties Of Voting The American Conscience


To my Hillary-supporting friends who insist that it is wrong and irresponsible, or even irrelevant, to have a hard time voting for Hillary (even though some of us will do it anyway, and others will not), please recognize that you, too, have another option:

Since you are clearly upset that there are Bernie voters who are NOT willing to vote for Hillary, AND many of you continue to insist that the difference between Hillary and Bernie is minimal, AND that most every Hillary supporter is ready and willing to vote for Bernie if he is the nominee…. And since the message I keep hearing over and over is that the only REALLY important thing here is to keep the Republicans out of office (more important than anyone feeling like they have the right to vote their conscience instead of your conscience), then maybe you should be voting for Bernie.

Since he polls better than Hillary every time for beating Trump, then Bernie is your best bet for beating Trump or Cruz. Since more Hillary supporters are willing to vote for Bernie than Bernie voters willing to vote for Hillary, then it makes sense to back the candidate who will easily get the most Democratic votes. That, again, in this instance and by your own logic, would be Bernie Sanders. And let’s not forget the Independent voters who overwhelmingly support Bernie over Hillary AND the first-time voters who are only coming out to vote for Bernie and would have otherwise remained non-voters if he weren’t an option (and will go back to being non-voters if he isn’t). And the huge youth vote which Bernie also overwhelmingly owns. And if Bernie and Hillary are really just two sides of the same coin (which I don’t actually believe they are, but am constantly told by Hillary-supporters that they are), then you wouldn’t really be voting against your own beliefs in casting a vote for Bernie. But even if you were, you have made it ABUNDANTLY clear that you feel the single most important mission here is keeping Trump and Cruz out of attaining the presidency. Great. Then be pro-active and do exactly what you are asking others to do: Vote for the person who isn’t your first choice and doesn’t exactly speak to your personal political desires, but will assure that Cruz and Trump don’t get anywhere near the presidency.

By all comments, statements, and arguments that have been laid out here, by you, voting for Bernie (and not Hillary) right here and now in the Primaries is the absolute BEST and most guaranteed way to keep the Republicans nominee out.

Simple, really. Or is it?

Recognize the nuances inherent here and recognize that you are getting upset with people for wanting to vote their own conscience instead of yours. And I’ll be honest, the more push back I receive and the more negative judgement I receive via these conversations, the LESS inclined I become to cast my vote for Hillary (even though my initial desire was to do so no matter how difficult that felt).

Put your money where your mouth is and get behind Bernie right now. And if you aren’t willing or ready to do that, then step back from your judgements of others and stop telling others what should be important to them and what they should do with their vote.

Remember, a vote for Bernie is very likely a stronger vote against Trump and Cruz. So decide for yourself what is most important to you and vote. And let others do the same.

The Difficulties Of Voting The American Conscience

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