Understanding “Bernie Or Bust” and the Theory of Critical Realignment

  I understand why the “Bernie Or Bust” movement has left a lot of people bewildered and resentful. But like so much out there in our political orbit, an ability to momentarily alter perspective is required, in earnest and without caveats, in order to even begin to understand the thinking of others. It’s a difficult thing to doContinue reading “Understanding “Bernie Or Bust” and the Theory of Critical Realignment”

Gender-Shaming & Scapegoating: It’s Not Just For Republicans Anymore

The presidential “race” in America has turned into something that has been brewing for decades and is finally coming to a head. But it’s not just the Republican Party that is crumbling under the weight of its own shifts to the right and its years-long stoking the flames of discontent and anger. The Democratic Party hasContinue reading “Gender-Shaming & Scapegoating: It’s Not Just For Republicans Anymore”