Facebook Impressions: July 19, 2016

Clinton, Trump pick up big wins

Like many people, Facebook has pulled me away from my daily blog as a source of expression. I still post here, but so much of what I think and feel about what is happening in the world gets lost in the fleeting panorama that is Facebook.

So I thought I would start posting some of my shorter thoughts and essays, as well as my responses to particular articles or others’ comments and commentaries. When separate thoughts are contained in one space, they often reveal a much larger, deeper narrative. If nothing else, they tell a story. So long as my own story continues to unfold, I’d like to share more of it here.

From July 19, 2016:

I understand the fear of Trump. It’s very real and he is very dangerous. I also believe that is not an excuse for not forcing the opposing candidate to have to step up and represent the people whose votes they want/need.

In the simplest terms I know how to describe it, Independents are the largest voting block in this country. Bernie attracted many of them, along with a large portion of registered Democrats. Now that Hillary is the presidential nominee, she needs those votes to guarantee a win against Trump.

But at the moment, she is not trusted by many of those people whose votes she needs – and, no, that’s not just GOP propaganda at work. There are many issues surrounding Hillary’s record and approach that warrants serious concern outside of GOP lies.

Our political system, as I understand it, is that the candidate – in this instance Hillary Clinton – needs to represent the people who vote for her. Public servant, for the people by the people… Right now, Hillary and her camp know exactly what they need to do in order to bring in those votes that were originally supporting Bernie Sanders. They need to take direct actions to show those voters that she is prepared to do more than just say she believes in progressive values. She needs to make several moves that, in no uncertain terms, show she is serious.

That means picking a progressive VP like Warren, despite the fact that the big banks have publicly told her if she does, they will no longer back her. It means getting behind progressive candidates over their opponents. It means bringing progressive politicians into you administration and onto your campaign. If Hillary does this, now, she will win over a majority of the voters who – at this moment in time – have absolutely no reason to trust her or believe in her. And no terrifying Republican candidate will change that dynamic. This is her job description. Represent the people whose votes you are asking for.

If Hillary does not do this and she loses to Trump, understand that it is not the voters who chose to vote for Jill Stein or someone else that allowed Trump to win, it will be Hillary Clinton who has the means and power, right now, to show us that she is serious and not just making empty promises because she knows it’s what we want to hear. She has an opportunity to take action and lock this election down. If she doesn’t, understand that will be the choice she made. Not to represent that enormous voting block. Those people.

Hillary has the means to win this election in the palm of her hand. She holds the cards right now. What choice will she make?


Facebook Impressions: July 19, 2016

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