The Dangers of Reserving Compassion For The Few And Not The Many

I see a lot of people writing about how we should, post-election results, allow ourselves the time to – and recognize the importance of being able to – embrace feelings of mourning, of anger and disappointment, of frustration and sadness. I couldn’t agree more. From the deepest recesses of my soul. These are real feelings attachedContinue reading “The Dangers of Reserving Compassion For The Few And Not The Many”

When “Stronger Together” Is Just A Campaign Slogan

This morning as we all face a President Trump, Democrats across the nation are trying to understand how this happened. And who to blame. For the past year, I have been pleading daily on social media and elsewhere – anywhere people might listen – for inclusiveness and empathy for the many struggles and experiences thatContinue reading “When “Stronger Together” Is Just A Campaign Slogan”

What I bring with me into the voting booth tomorrow

Thoughts one day before the election: Months ago, I committed to voting for Hillary because of the unique threat Trump poses. I’ve been vocal about my decision to vote for Hillary and have written about why it is important to stop Trump and have asked others to vote for Hillary as well. I have alsoContinue reading “What I bring with me into the voting booth tomorrow”