America No Longer Has A Viable Opposition Party To Conservative Ideology

In today’s American two-Party system, there is no active opposition party to Conservative ideology or an opposition party with a pro-active message (despite the Progressive movement within the Democratic Party and other parties that are not “officially” recognized).

I used to watch Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes on MSNBC. But I was so discouraged and disappointed – oftentimes shocked and outraged – by their behavior and what I saw as  irresponsible “reporting” 1  (and both using the overwhelmingly biased and closed-minded Joy Reid 2 as their replacement host) during the election, that I simply had to stop tuning in.

With her recent show devoted solely to “connecting the dots between Trump and Russia,” Rachel Maddow has burrowed in even deeper (and reduced her credibility to being little more than the Democratic Glenn Beck) by continuing to embrace fear-mongering through irresponsible and agenda-driven speculation. By amping up a fear that the Clinton Campaign used to divert attention from her own campaign dealings and mistakes, Maddow and others are fanning the flames of war and, simultaneously, taking a gamble that, if they lose, will greatly aid Donald Trump’s ability to further convince the public that neither the Democratic Party nor the media can be trusted.

I hate seeing the Democratic Party continue to be its own worst enemy. I hate seeing Democratic news hosts become Democratic apologists and outright fear-mongers. I hate seeing Democrats using the old Republican playbook as their guide and, in effect, becoming everything we used to fight against (McCarthyism, anyone?). The Democratic Party used to be a very real, very active and vocal alternative. We used to offer that desperately-needed balance. And hope.

Bill Clinton actively changed all that and the Democratic Party has been sliding rapidly to the right ever since. Today, it is indistinguishable from the pre-Reagan Republican Party.

Today’s Democrats can only seem to focus on the easy and obvious (Trump is bad – yeah, this is glaring, we all see it, it’s not breaking news) and don’t actually have any agenda or mission or message that goes beyond that. If you want to devote entire shows to speculation instead of facts, if you still believe that NOT being Trump is a strong position as opposed to actively getting behind real concrete solutions and fighting for those – no matter how tough that fight – then the Democratic Party and Establishment apologists like Maddow will only aid in pushing us farther down the Trump rabbit hole. A hole that we all – Conservatives and Liberals alike – helped create.

If all you are fighting for is to stop Trump and are willing to hop on any bandwagon to do so – no matter how speculative or unsteady it might be – and are only fighting for concepts like “equality” and “opportunity” without actually getting behind concrete goals (Medicare For All, stronger unions, free college, the Green New Deal, reducing the military industrial complex spending, actively getting out of the many endless wars we are in, stopping drone-strike assassinations, reinstating and expanding regulations, fighting Big Pharma and for-profit Health Care, supporting trade deals that don’t hurt American workers, raising the minimum wage to an actual livable wage, banning corporate lobbying from politics, NOT reversing laws retroactively for banks and telecommunication companies that have broken those laws, prosecuting criminals no matter what their income, class bracket or position, eliminating for-profit prisons…), then you are not fighting for anything but concepts that are not actually supported by the actions of the politicians you are getting behind. In fact, all too often, Democratic establishment politicians and media hosts are actively smearing and devaluing other liberals 3  who are actively fighting for the very things the Democratic Party once stood for and represented.

In today’s American two-party system, neither Party is actively fighting for any of these things. Where is the opposition party? Where is the balance? Are you one of those people standing behind concepts that the Democratic Party once fought for but now only regurgitates as a mantra it no longer actively supports?

As crucial as it is to remain vigilant and informed, Trump isn’t the front line in this fight. Nor is Russia. They are smaller battles being used to actively distract and use up the fighting spirit of the many potential activists who might otherwise be on the front lines demanding that the Democratic Party once again return to being that opposition and balance that we need to survive and actually achieve democracy. Either that, or fighting for a new Party to fill that gap as it is essential for any Democracy to function. Without that, there will always be a place for more Donald Trumps.


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America No Longer Has A Viable Opposition Party To Conservative Ideology

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