Posting About The Horrors Of Trump But NOT Posting About Left Wing Politicians Who Have Supported The Same Political, Social & Economic Ideology & Policies


If you spend far more time Facebook posting and tweeting about how awful and racist Trump is, and far less time (if any) posting and tweeting about how neoliberal establishment Democrats support most of Trump’s policies and have actively supported and continue to support mass systemic racism, mass murder and actively fight against progressivism and humanitarianism at every turn, then, in my opinion, you are just part of the noise of political rhetoric. You will make no difference. You will, in fact, enhance all the things you claim to be horrified by simply by reaching for the low-hanging fruit instead of openly challenging the power-structure within the Democratic Party that serves the same donors and ideologies as Trump.

17-joe-biden-hillary-clinton.w700.h700I catch a lot of flack from close friends and others when I choose to be consistent in my pointing out the deep racism, mass imperialism, and dangerous conservativism of establishment Democrats and Neoliberals. It’s so much easier to focus anger and horror at Trump, while almost completely ignoring or, worse, propping up or even celebrating conservative neoliberal candidates and politicians within the Democratic Party and their eloquent expressions of faux outrage.

If you prop up Dem candidates and politicians who verbally call out Trump, but don’t challenge why those same Dems not only don’t offer any actual opposition to Trump but, instead, quietly support and, in most cases, helped create and establish and normalize most of the same ideologies as Trump, then you are in no way, shape or form, actually opposing Trump or his life-threatening rhetoric. You’re just opposing his open-arrogance and cartoonish nature. The message you’re sending is that you prefer your racism and mass-murder and vast economic and social inequality to be offered under the less-obvious guise of benevolence and ivy-league-trained, eloquently articulated political rhetoric and faux social indignation.

We must do better.

Challenge THESE people.






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