The Ugly & Painful Truth of Trump, American Imperialism, War With Iran & Two Right-Wing, Pro-war Parties

It is imperative to understand that, as we stand here on the brink of a new war – and possibly a third World War – that Trump’s actions here were made possible by those who pretend to be his opposition. As difficult as it may be to address this honestly, Leading Democrats under Nancy Pelosi have given Trump everything he has asked for. They have given him unprecedented power and oversight. Democrats raised Trump’s military budget 4 TIMES since he’s been in office bringing the military budget to over $750 BILLION (more than he asked for!). They just renewed the Patriot Act, making it legal for Trump to bomb and assassinate without the consent of Congress. They have supported and championed every single war effort and attempted coup by president Trump. Democrats just passed Trump’s NDAA without ANY COMPROMISE. They appointed every one of his Conservative lifetime judicial court judges with NO OPPOSITION. They just passed Trump’s version of NAFTA which will escalate the devastation to poor communities and states across the nation. 

Understand, Corporate Dems and Republicans serve the same donors: the Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street and the Health Care Industry. This is a fact, not an opinion. Pelosi and others can act tough and talk shit about Trump as political rhetoric or campaign posturing, but they literally fight AGAINST the change that would stop him. And they do so because these are the desires of the people who financially support them. I SO wish this weren’t the case. They share the same right-wing ideology. Neoliberalism is a right-wing, conservative political ideology. Its enemy is not Republicans or Trump. Its enemy is the Left-Wing of its own party which actually represents the desires and needs of over 80% of this country. That’s 80% who have no voice, no political or social representation. 

The result? Millions of human beings will die who otherwise wouldn’t. We are about to propel generations into unprecedented bloodshed and suffering. All because people have been manipulated into fighting against Left-Wing activism and candidates and supporting Corporate Democrats who literally use rhetoric to position themselves as the heroes and saviors, when they are, in fact, the ones working the hardest to prevent change. Nancy Pelosi alone has taken MILLIONS of dollars from donors and lobbyists from the Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street and the Health Care Industry. While legal, this is the literal definition of bribery. The top leader of the Democratic Party has become rich on donations from the very organizations it is her job to regulate and oversee. And so she supports the wars, the weapons sales, she is against Medicare for All and A Green New Deal and badmouths Progressives within her own party at every turn. Money in politics is at the very heart of the problem. MSNBC will continue to praise Pelosi and other Dems as “master legislators.” But they have literally legislated nothing that works against Trump. Establishment Democrats are just as corrupt as the GOP and they are using people’s fear and confusion about Trump as a weapon. They are political experts. Trump exists because of them. Not Russia, not Bernie, not third-party voters. Everything Trump does was normalized and legalized by the Obama and Bush Administrations before him. 

Can we start to face this now? Can we start to have this conversation for real? Can we stop propping up viciously corrupt mass-murderers and war-mongers as our heroes? Or are we so desperate that we simply need to hold onto the narratives that Democrats are something they have not been for many generations now? We’re on the brink or WWIII and 10 years away from irreversible human extinction. Can we begin to make the hard choices? Can we face our own mistakes, our own participation? What will it take for us to look at all of this realistically? Understand, if we continue to support Corporate Democrats, we are not fighting against or voting against Trump. We are literally fighting against and voting against change. We are supporting all of what is happening now in action, even if our words and desires say otherwise. Stand up. Stop being manipulated. Please, we all need to wake up and face the truth. We are literally running out of time.

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