Freeing Zach Snyder’s Justice League

I’m not a big fan of the Marvel and DC Universe Hollywood films, though there are a handful that I genuinely enjoy (I am, oddly enough and to my own surprise, a huge fan of the Netflix Marvel Universe interconnected series – go figure).

I’m also not someone who has been strongly drawn to director Zach Snyder’s music video-style filmmaking, though I do appreciate that he has his own voice and that it’s a dark one often with strong characters.

As a filmmaker who had my own film taken away in post-production by a Hollywood studio, re-written, and re-edited beyond any recognizable remains of the film I had set out to make, I applaud Snyder’s ability and commitment to find a way to go back and right the wrong that had been done to him, this film, and its audience.

I long for such an opportunity. But my $3.5 million feature and Snyder’s $70 million feature are not in the same “league” (yes, I said that) and the public demand for my director’s cut would be, let’s just say… far less.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League isn’t a masterpiece of cinema (in my opinion) or even a “great” film by my personal interpretation of that term. But it is a solid film with a strong singular vision behind it that sought the light of day and succeeded. And that I heartily applaud.

For a deeper breakdown of Zach Snyder’s Justice League, I recommend this article:

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