Posting About The Horrors Of Trump But NOT Posting About Left Wing Politicians Who Have Supported The Same Political, Social & Economic Ideology & Policies


If you spend far more time Facebook posting and tweeting about how awful and racist Trump is, and far less time (if any) posting and tweeting about how neoliberal establishment Democrats support most of Trump’s policies and have actively supported and continue to support mass systemic racism, mass murder and actively fight against progressivism and humanitarianism at every turn, then, in my opinion, you are just part of the noise of political rhetoric. You will make no difference. You will, in fact, enhance all the things you claim to be horrified by simply by reaching for the low-hanging fruit instead of openly challenging the power-structure within the Democratic Party that serves the same donors and ideologies as Trump.

17-joe-biden-hillary-clinton.w700.h700I catch a lot of flack from close friends and others when I choose to be consistent in my pointing out the deep racism, mass imperialism, and dangerous conservativism of establishment Democrats and Neoliberals. It’s so much easier to focus anger and horror at Trump, while almost completely ignoring or, worse, propping up or even celebrating conservative neoliberal candidates and politicians within the Democratic Party and their eloquent expressions of faux outrage.

If you prop up Dem candidates and politicians who verbally call out Trump, but don’t challenge why those same Dems not only don’t offer any actual opposition to Trump but, instead, quietly support and, in most cases, helped create and establish and normalize most of the same ideologies as Trump, then you are in no way, shape or form, actually opposing Trump or his life-threatening rhetoric. You’re just opposing his open-arrogance and cartoonish nature. The message you’re sending is that you prefer your racism and mass-murder and vast economic and social inequality to be offered under the less-obvious guise of benevolence and ivy-league-trained, eloquently articulated political rhetoric and faux social indignation.

We must do better.

Challenge THESE people.






Posting About The Horrors Of Trump But NOT Posting About Left Wing Politicians Who Have Supported The Same Political, Social & Economic Ideology & Policies

The Deep & Dangerous Despair of Left-Wing Bernie Bashing

It’s incredibly despairing when I see people who claim to be on the Left trashing Bernie Sanders and Bernie supporters with almost as much disdain and disgust as they reserve for Trump. This is the narrative that the DNC and establishment Democrats are intensely pushing via MSNBC and CNN and other mass media avenues.
Why do people always give in to this? They steer us to punch down at one another instead of up at them. Demonizing people who are fighting for civil liberties and human rights is not the actions of anyone on the Left. Nor is supporting neoliberalism which is a right wing political and economic ideology that ALL establishment Democrats adhere to. It’s literally the polar opposite of the opposition to right wing ideology that the Democratic Party was created to be (and was, to a much larger extent, before Bill Clinton).
If you’re one of those people on the Left posting hate for Bernie and his supporters, know that you are right-of-center because Bernie IS the center. His policies are liked by over 90% of Democrats and over 70% of Americans regardless of party affiliation. That is the DEFINITION of the Center.
Please think twice (or 3 times, even) before hopping on the trash-progressives-bandwagon. Otherwise, you are literally aiding the politicians and candidates who are far more aligned with Trump than they are with anyone to their Left. And please don’t fall for rhetoric. Look closely at voting records and history before tearing down what might end up being the greatest chance of changing the direction of this country away from oligarchy and fascism.
The Deep & Dangerous Despair of Left-Wing Bernie Bashing

A Response To The Democratic Call For “Liberal Civility.”

FacebookOppressionI’m not on Facebook, so I cannot respond directly to my Democratic/Liberal friend’s post that initially stoked my ire and disappointment. Since that post, there have been numerous articles and Op-Eds calling for the People’s response to mass atrocities and inhumane actions to be more publicly “civil.”  Yet, like my friend on Facebook, so many of the people calling for this are otherwise intelligent individuals with ginormous hearts. That is why I hold out hope that these words may be heard and considered with seriousness and openness by those who may not yet realize the negative repercussions of calling for the same “restraint.”

The Democrat’s current mantra of a “Return to Civility” is no different from Trump’s “Make America great again.” It’s a form of propaganda that can only be said with any seriousness by people with privilege; by people for whom these issues aren’t actually life and death. I find it to be both reckless and immensely harmful, even though I believe that is often the opposite of its intent. This misguided call for civility has recently been exemplified in this Washington Post article: Liberal hostility toward Trump aides could galvanize the GOP base and this L.A. Times Op-EdMaking Trump officials miserable doesn’t accomplish anything. Vote them out if you want change.

Unfortunately, it’s the same mindset that allowed the majority of white Democrats to consider Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. an “enemy of the State” and a “threat to Democracy” at the time of his assassination. It’s the same voice as those who thought the Vietnam war protests were a “formula for discord.” It’s the same privileged view that, in 1966, a Harris Poll revealed 54 percent of whites said that they would not march or protest if they “were in the same position as Negroes,” and two months later, in October 1966, that 85 percent of whites insisted that civil rights demonstrations hurt Negroes more than they helped (sound familiar?). By starting down this slippery slope, one ends up siding with the people who perpetuate oppression and atrocities while allowing oneself to feel as if you are fighting or resisting them, but from a more “dignified” place. What this unwittingly ensures is that there will be little-to-no consequence for politicians who commit atrocities. God forbid there should be “public” consequences, lifestyle consequences or discomfort. Continue reading “A Response To The Democratic Call For “Liberal Civility.””

A Response To The Democratic Call For “Liberal Civility.”

What Does YOUR America Look Like & How Far Are You Willing To Go To Make It A Reality?


Under the Trump Administration, America finds itself in the midst of a worst-case scenario conservative/corporate agenda free-for-all.

It’s very clear to most everyone that Trump himself isn’t calling most of the shots, but he’s opened the floodgates and the result is going to be mass suffering not just here in America, but across the globe.

The way to fight this, to change this, is not only to point out what is happening, but to offer real-world, concrete alternatives. It is completely antithetical to this outcome to get behind Democratic candidates and politicians who choose to align themselves with anti-Trump Republicans over pro-Democratic liberals.

The Trump administration is horrific. But there is always a silver lining. In this case, that silver lining is liberals coming together to offer a truly progressive liberal alternative to what is happening. Not aiming for some conservative middle-ground that alienates a huge swath of Americans, but embracing the values and ideals and laws that we want to see this country represent not only in word but in action. Continue reading “What Does YOUR America Look Like & How Far Are You Willing To Go To Make It A Reality?”

What Does YOUR America Look Like & How Far Are You Willing To Go To Make It A Reality?

America No Longer Has A Viable Opposition Party To Conservative Ideology

In today’s American two-Party system, there is no active opposition party to Conservative ideology or an opposition party with a pro-active message (despite the Progressive movement within the Democratic Party and other parties that are not “officially” recognized).

I used to watch Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes on MSNBC. But I was so discouraged and disappointed – oftentimes shocked and outraged – by their behavior and what I saw as  irresponsible “reporting” 1  (and both using the overwhelmingly biased and closed-minded Joy Reid 2 as their replacement host) during the election, that I simply had to stop tuning in.

With her recent show devoted solely to “connecting the dots between Trump and Russia,” Rachel Maddow has burrowed in even deeper (and reduced her credibility to being little more than the Democratic Glenn Beck) by continuing to embrace fear-mongering through irresponsible and agenda-driven speculation. By amping up a fear that the Clinton Campaign used to divert attention from her own campaign dealings and mistakes, Maddow and others are fanning the flames of war and, simultaneously, taking a gamble that, if they lose, will greatly aid Donald Trump’s ability to further convince the public that neither the Democratic Party nor the media can be trusted.

I hate seeing the Democratic Party continue to be its own worst enemy. I hate seeing Democratic news hosts become Democratic apologists and outright fear-mongers. I hate seeing Democrats using the old Republican playbook as their guide and, in effect, becoming everything we used to fight against (McCarthyism, anyone?). The Democratic Party used to be a very real, very active and vocal alternative. We used to offer that desperately-needed balance. And hope. Continue reading “America No Longer Has A Viable Opposition Party To Conservative Ideology”

America No Longer Has A Viable Opposition Party To Conservative Ideology

The Dangers of Reserving Compassion For The Few And Not The Many


I see a lot of people writing about how we should, post-election results, allow ourselves the time to – and recognize the importance of being able to – embrace feelings of mourning, of anger and disappointment, of frustration and sadness. I couldn’t agree more. From the deepest recesses of my soul. These are real feelings attached to real human beings having a very real experience. It’s not only important to allow ourselves to feel these things, it is essential.

It’s also important to recognize when we don’t extend that same opportunity and compassion to others. When Bernie Sanders lost in the Primaries, the thing I heard the most from my most-avid Hillary-voting friends, was “Your candidate lost. End of story. Get over it. Shut up and stop whining.” This was followed by a barrage – both public and private – of Bernie Sanders supporters (and Independents) being shamed and derided, of being told they were “getting in the way” and, in no uncertain terms, to be silentI even had friends who mockingly shared a video of a young Bernie Sanders supporter crying when Bernie lost. They found it funny, absurd, ridiculous.

It is essential in breaking down the many actions taking place this election cycle, to comprehend the immense emotional and cultural need for a woman president in this country. The mourning happening now is real, as was the deep, deep desire that allowed many to see a monumental and long-overdue opportunity for healing and recognition and empowerment that should have taken place generations ago.

Continue reading “The Dangers of Reserving Compassion For The Few And Not The Many”

The Dangers of Reserving Compassion For The Few And Not The Many

When “Stronger Together” Is Just A Campaign Slogan


This morning as we all face a President Trump, Democrats across the nation are trying to understand how this happened. And who to blame.

For the past year, I have been pleading daily on social media and elsewhere – anywhere people might listen – for inclusiveness and empathy for the many struggles and experiences that were taking place. But it never happened. In fact, social dialogue moved even more deeply in the opposite direction.

You can’t fight fascism by trying to silence or diminish people. You fight fascism by listening to the people, by hearing them. The Democratic Party has a long history of not being able to read the room, of seeming incapable of feeling the temperature of the country and act accordingly.

This election, the DNC, Hillary, and many of Hillary’s most vocal supporters, chose to spend their time telling people to shut up. By painting pictures of them as deplorable or selfish, irresponsible, or simply getting in the way.

Until Democrats can recognize and comprehend their own vast role in the creation and perpetuation of Trump and Trumpism – and ultimately for this Trump presidency – we stand no chance of breaking our own destructive cycle.  Continue reading “When “Stronger Together” Is Just A Campaign Slogan”

When “Stronger Together” Is Just A Campaign Slogan