Favorite Quotes: Chasing Success & The Wisdom of Viktor Frankl

I have finally begun reading Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search For Meaning. It has been recommended to me for years and I’m just now catching up to those recommendations (my therapist was the most recent and final impetus). Good thing I did, too. I hadn’t even gotten through the Preface when I was presented with aContinue reading “Favorite Quotes: Chasing Success & The Wisdom of Viktor Frankl”

Kubrick & Burgess: Two Clockworks

I recently responded to a friend’s Facebook post commenting on the differences between Anthony Burgess’ novel A CLOCKWORK ORANGE and filmmaker Stanley Kubrick’s adaption of the material. I tried to describe why I thought the changes that were made by Kubrick were valid and why I saw his concentration on sex and sexuality in theContinue reading “Kubrick & Burgess: Two Clockworks”

Jerry Garcia Week 2011 Days 8 & 9: A Body Of Work

As this year’s Garcia week comes to a close, I want to direct everyone’s attention to the incredible body of work, musical and otherwise, that Jerry Garcia was a part of. Here are just a few of the places one can find Garcia’s vast legacy online: Here’s a web site many of you are already familiarContinue reading “Jerry Garcia Week 2011 Days 8 & 9: A Body Of Work”

Articulating Bergman

In my constant reading of the writings and musings of my favorite directors, filmmakers, etc., I sometimes stumble upon a paragraph (or in this case an entire essay) that articulates my own feelings on filmmaking better than I myself have been able to express or, oftentimes, understand. In my ongoing exploration of the film andContinue reading “Articulating Bergman”


I wish I could take credit for that phrase, but it was a friend of a friend who coined it. And it’s perfect. WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE is everything the adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s book should be. In a non-Hollywood world. One can only imagine what this film might have looked like in theContinue reading “WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE: A Love Song To Boys”

Quotes By Artists About Their Art: Bruce Springsteen

From Robert Hilburn’s terrific book CORNFLAKES WITH JOHN LENNON: AND OTHER TALES FROM A ROCK ‘N’ ROLL LIFE: “The mistake a lot of musicians make, is they imagine an audience and then try and make a piece of music to fit it. “They get caught up in the race, and it can be dangerous to yourContinue reading “Quotes By Artists About Their Art: Bruce Springsteen”

Irving Thalberg And The Fearful Producers’ Wilderness

“The producer beating a new path for himself through the wilderness is going to do the thing ‘differently,’ of course. But after a while, he looks about him. The territory is unfamiliar, the forest ahead forbidding. Just how ‘different’ dare he be? He looks at his resources, and then at the established successes of theContinue reading “Irving Thalberg And The Fearful Producers’ Wilderness”