Maggie Gallagher and the Simplifying of “God’s Plan.”

I suppose this makes me intolerant. As “articulate” as Maggie Gallagher, author of a recent article in the National Review titled Why I, Unlike Senator Rubio, Would Not Attend a Gay Wedding, is attempting to be, what I am left with is the damaging horror that is so many religions. The fact that Gallagher believes that attending a gayContinue reading “Maggie Gallagher and the Simplifying of “God’s Plan.””

Fearing Atheism

Ironically, hearing Stephen Fry publicly articulate my very thoughts in his response to Irish TV presenter Gay Byrne’s question: “What would you say if you came face-to-face with God?” on Byrne’s show THE MEANING OF LIFE, gave me immense hope for the future. It’s folks like Rev Ian McNie who accused Fry of “spiritual blindness” that persuade me toContinue reading “Fearing Atheism”

The Gun Crisis In America: Misunderstanding “Freedom”

Human beings are a tribal people. We have always separated into groups within groups, both physically and psychologically. In the big picture, we are part of a galaxy, which is part of a universe, of which the Earth is one of the planets within that universe. On that planet are many forms of life. One of which isContinue reading “The Gun Crisis In America: Misunderstanding “Freedom””

Ronan Farrow and the Woody Allen Witch Hunt

Let me start by saying I have no idea if Woody Allen is guilty or innocent of molesting his daughter. And to that point, neither do you. We don’t know these people. What seems to be clear to me is that there is a lot of anger, hurt, sorrow, fear and dysfunction among the Farrow/AllenContinue reading “Ronan Farrow and the Woody Allen Witch Hunt”

How To Avoid Being The Recipient Of L.A. Douchebaggery

The Urban Dictionary describes Douchebaggery as: 1) The philosophy held by douchebags, holding that no one other than themselves (or perhaps their close associates) matters in the least bit, and thus that other human beings can and should be treated like complete excrement for little or no reason (and often for selfish reasons). Closely relatedContinue reading “How To Avoid Being The Recipient Of L.A. Douchebaggery”

Nuclear Responses: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Let’s see, after decades of trying to get the people “in charge” to rid the world of nuclear energy and replace it with other forms of energy as well as putting both time and money into developing newer, safer forms of energy, we find ourselves in the midst of the greatest global nuclear disaster sinceContinue reading “Nuclear Responses: Two Sides Of The Same Coin”

Kubrick’s FEAR AND DESIRE. The L.A. Screening

After a lifetime of waiting, I was finally able to catch up with a screening of Stanley Kubrick’s infamous first narrative feature film FEAR AND DESIRE. Made at the youthful age of 23, after having shot and directed a few short documentaries and having been a photographer for LOOK magazine for a number of years,Continue reading “Kubrick’s FEAR AND DESIRE. The L.A. Screening”

An Evening At Pee-Wee’s Playhouse

Pee-Wee’s back and his magical world is as welcome as ever. Paul Reubens has returned to Puppet Land with many of his old friends by his side. Originally slated for the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, overwhelming advance ticket sales forced the gang to find a larger venue. Still small enough to be intimate, theContinue reading “An Evening At Pee-Wee’s Playhouse”

Laika 2: Electric Bugaloo. Russians Sending Monkeys To Mars

Looks like the Russians are set to eject another animal into space. Back in 1957, they put Laika, a dog, into orbit. Laika died several hours later, presumably from stress and overheating (though the Russians initially reported that she lived for several days. The truth finally came out in 2002). Now they’re looking at sendingContinue reading “Laika 2: Electric Bugaloo. Russians Sending Monkeys To Mars”

Eagle Crow Owl’s New OLIVE & SUN SONG vids!

Filmmaker/video artist Caren McCaleb adds two more AMAZING vids to her EagleCrowOwl Youtube channel. Both are extraordinary. The first is another in a long line of gorgeous shorts based around her always surprising and beautiful daughter, Olive. This is one of my faves to date. It expands beyond Olive and takes in a household’s moods,Continue reading “Eagle Crow Owl’s New OLIVE & SUN SONG vids!”