The Dangers of Reserving Compassion For The Few And Not The Many

I see a lot of people writing about how we should, post-election results, allow ourselves the time to – and recognize the importance of being able to – embrace feelings of mourning, of anger and disappointment, of frustration and sadness. I couldn’t agree more. From the deepest recesses of my soul. These are real feelings attachedContinue reading “The Dangers of Reserving Compassion For The Few And Not The Many”

Twisting Political Beliefs Into Rage & Intolerance

I recently had to unfriend someone on Facebook. Someone I’ve been close to for over 20 years. Someone I know to be a terrific, smart, creative, generous and kind person. But since the election started, she has moved to a place that can only be described as outwardly and openly hateful toward anyone who doesContinue reading “Twisting Political Beliefs Into Rage & Intolerance”

Bernie Sanders & The Lack Of Media Support: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love Donald Trump

Maggie Gallagher and the Simplifying of “God’s Plan.”

I suppose this makes me intolerant. As “articulate” as Maggie Gallagher, author of a recent article in the National Review titled Why I, Unlike Senator Rubio, Would Not Attend a Gay Wedding, is attempting to be, what I am left with is the damaging horror that is so many religions. The fact that Gallagher believes that attending a gayContinue reading “Maggie Gallagher and the Simplifying of “God’s Plan.””

Puerile Endeavors: Netanyahu’s Speech

Republicans are fond of being the first at things. The first to invade a country that didn’t attack us. The first to undermine a sitting President’s authority by inviting another world leader to speak before Congress AGAINST the U.S. President’s foreign policy initiative in the midst of negotiations… Like most things these oversized children enact,Continue reading “Puerile Endeavors: Netanyahu’s Speech”

Fearing Atheism

Ironically, hearing Stephen Fry publicly articulate my very thoughts in his response to Irish TV presenter Gay Byrne’s question: “What would you say if you came face-to-face with God?” on Byrne’s show THE MEANING OF LIFE, gave me immense hope for the future. It’s folks like Rev Ian McNie who accused Fry of “spiritual blindness” that persuade me toContinue reading “Fearing Atheism”

Kubrick & Burgess: Two Clockworks

I recently responded to a friend’s Facebook post commenting on the differences between Anthony Burgess’ novel A CLOCKWORK ORANGE and filmmaker Stanley Kubrick’s adaption of the material. I tried to describe why I thought the changes that were made by Kubrick were valid and why I saw his concentration on sex and sexuality in theContinue reading “Kubrick & Burgess: Two Clockworks”

Santorum & The Evil That Men Do

“Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.” –Blaise Pascal. It seems almost daily that I read another comment or another statement steeped in fear and hatred uttered from the lips of Rick Santorum, self-proclaimed Christian and American moralist. I do, thankfully, realize that Santorum doesContinue reading “Santorum & The Evil That Men Do”

Mike Huckabee vs. America (and Natalie Portman). Who Will Win?

This is what possible Republican candidates have been reduced to: either they pander to the least-educated, racist, conspiracy-nuts, or they simply don’t stand a chance. Mike Huckabee has recently received some flack from the left (and any sane individuals remaining on the right) for not only misrepresenting President Obama as having been raised in KenyaContinue reading “Mike Huckabee vs. America (and Natalie Portman). Who Will Win?”

America: Insanity Or Performance Art?

Egypt. Wisconsin. Union rights. The Anti-Christ. It seems Glenn Beck and Fox News are on the loose again. This time they’ve brought in a self-proclaimed prophet as “expert” on comparing Obama to the Anti-Christ and why the goings-on in Wisconsin are about the end of days and turning America into an Islamic state and notContinue reading “America: Insanity Or Performance Art?”