America No Longer Has A Viable Opposition Party To Conservative Ideology

In today’s American two-Party system, there is no active opposition party to Conservative ideology or an opposition party with a pro-active message (despite the Progressive movement within the Democratic Party and other parties that are not “officially” recognized). I used to watch Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes on MSNBC. But I was so discouraged andContinue reading “America No Longer Has A Viable Opposition Party To Conservative Ideology”

Observations on Cinema vs. the Capitalist Feeding Frenzy

Filmmaker William Friedkin was recently interviewed for a piece in The Telegraph titled “Superhero movies are ruining cinema, says Exorcist director William Friedkin.” I agree with Friedkin’s sentiment and I would take it one step further and say that it’s not “Superhero movies” that are ruining cinema, but that those films are a product of what has soContinue reading “Observations on Cinema vs. the Capitalist Feeding Frenzy”

The Perfection That is “Sherlock” Returns

Shooting on Season 4 begins in January. Such good news! And it looks like there will be a SHERLOCK “special” in addition to the season’s 3 regular episodes. I’m not sure what qualifies as a “special,” but any more of these two together qualifies as special-enough for me. I just finished turning my girlfriend, Emily, on toContinue reading “The Perfection That is “Sherlock” Returns”

Favorite & Least Favorite Films of 2012

I don’t usually post my list of favorite and least favorite films until long after awards season has passed. This year, I waited even longer than usual. This is because I was having a hard time coming up with the motivation and enthusiasm to write breakdowns of why I liked or didn’t like a film,Continue reading “Favorite & Least Favorite Films of 2012”

DOWNTON ABBEY Season 3: When A Writer’s Hand Is Forced

HUGE SPOILER ALERT! DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED SEASON 3 YET! I won’t go too in-depth about the third season of DOWNTON ABBEY as I actually found most of it to be very entertaining and satisfying. But this third season introduced a few moments that could be seen as the ever-feared missteps aContinue reading “DOWNTON ABBEY Season 3: When A Writer’s Hand Is Forced”

The Oscar Coffin

I’ll try and keep this short as I’ve gone on about this almost every year since I started this blog (and so many years before that in old-fashioned verbal exchanges). This year’s Oscars was the nail in the coffin for me. I’ve been swearing to stop watching them for ages (I’ve never missed a oneContinue reading “The Oscar Coffin”

THE WALKING DEAD Season 2.5: When Characters No Longer Matter

Warning! Spoiler Alert! It seems I am NOT your average viewer. I readily confess to being baffled by the reactions I get from others regarding the TV series THE WALKING DEAD. I’ve blogged about this show before (THE WALKING DEAD: Dead On Arrival; THE WALKING DEAD Season 2.0: Rising From The Ashes) and I feel the needContinue reading “THE WALKING DEAD Season 2.5: When Characters No Longer Matter”

THE WALKING DEAD Season 2.0: Rising From The Ashes

I love zombie flicks. They scare the bejeezus outta me. Earlier this year, I wrote about Season One of the Frank Darabont developed AMC show THE WALKING DEAD in a post I called THE WALKING DEAD: DEAD ON ARRIVAL. Despite my love of zombies, I found the show to be obvious and rather poorly written.Continue reading “THE WALKING DEAD Season 2.0: Rising From The Ashes”

Happy Birthday, Pigpen!!!!

Today I’ll be celebrating Ron McKernan’s Birthday with yet another show from his final tour. The new Europe ’72: The Complete Recordings box is chock full of many of Pigpen’s last performances (he returned to the States for one more show at the Hollywood Bowl and then succumbed to the illness that eventually took hisContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Pigpen!!!!”