2010: The Year I Make Contact

2009 seems to have been a tough year for many. I know it had its share of challenges for me. I move toward 2010 with some real-world optimism as I have signed with a new agent and have some projects in the works that I am actually quite excited about. No one knows how itContinue reading “2010: The Year I Make Contact”

Even Big Directors Get The Blues

Remember that childhood passion you had for telling stories? The reason you wanted to be a filmmaker in the first place? Well, Hollywood sure doesn’t! Anne Thompson‘s Variety article “No ‘Action!’ for Hollywood vets“, spells out just how difficult it is to tell those stories in Hollywood. Even by our most admired directors who areContinue reading “Even Big Directors Get The Blues”

The CLEAN Blog

I’ve decided to start writing about my journey getting my next feature film, CLEAN, made. I will try to add to this story as new events unfold. It may be a bit slow at first, but hopefully as things begin to come together, I’ll have more to share.  The story so far… My production company,Continue reading “The CLEAN Blog”