Desires & Lessons: Articulating A Filmmaking Experience

Back in 2009, I was interviewed by illustrious writer and chef (yes, that’s correct, he’s also a masterful culinary expert) Herbert M. Brindl for Rogue Cinema. I’ve been interviewed a fair amount over the years in all kinds of publications — from print to the internet — regarding my somewhat harrowing and sadly-all-too-common experiences as the writer/directorContinue reading “Desires & Lessons: Articulating A Filmmaking Experience”

Eating Julie Taymor: When Artists Devour Their Own

A few weeks back, I entered into an unsettling “Facebook conversation” with a couple of screenwriter/filmmakers. Yes, I should have known better than to engage, but it was one of those moments when someone posts something that seems to require a response. You’ve probably been there yourself. You know if you say something you’re openingContinue reading “Eating Julie Taymor: When Artists Devour Their Own”

Director/Cinematographer Ronald Neame Dies

Legendary director, cinematographer, writer and producer Ronald Neame died today at the age of 99. My first conscious introduction to Neame was as a boy seeing his filmed musical adaptation of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, called SCROOGE, in the movie theaters. The film has a spotty reputation and came at the end of an era whenContinue reading “Director/Cinematographer Ronald Neame Dies”

Goodnight, Jean Simmons

The beautiful and talented actress Jean Simmons died today in Southern California after a long battle with lung cancer. She was 80. I grew up on the films of Ms. Simmons and have many terrific memories of her in so many different films and so many different roles it’s sometimes hard to keep track. OddlyContinue reading “Goodnight, Jean Simmons”

The Sad State Of Film Criticism

The internet has been a blessing and a curse to the world of film criticism. The bad side is that everyone’s a critic. The good side is, we’re no longer limited to the opinions of those able to get their words in print. Trust me, just because you’re writing film reviews for a major newspaperContinue reading “The Sad State Of Film Criticism”