Desires & Lessons: Articulating A Filmmaking Experience

Back in 2009, I was interviewed by illustrious writer and chef (yes, that’s correct, he’s also a masterful culinary expert) Herbert M. Brindl for Rogue Cinema. I’ve been interviewed a fair amount over the years in all kinds of publications — from print to the internet — regarding my somewhat harrowing and sadly-all-too-common experiences as the writer/directorContinue reading “Desires & Lessons: Articulating A Filmmaking Experience”

RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES or The Descent Of American Intelligence

Has anyone else noticed that around the time we elected Ronald Reagan president, American cinema began a steady decline? The same mentality that led us to George Bush, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and the Tea Party, has led us to deliver films like RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES to a public no longerContinue reading “RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES or The Descent Of American Intelligence”

Favorite Quotes: David Gordon Green on Kevin Smith

Back in 2001, then first-time feature film director David Gordon Green made a comment about fellow filmmaker Kevin Smith: “He kind of created a Special Olympics for film. They just kind of lowered the standard. I’m sure their parents are proud; it’s just nothing I care to buy a ticket for.” I have to admit,Continue reading “Favorite Quotes: David Gordon Green on Kevin Smith”

Director/Cinematographer Ronald Neame Dies

Legendary director, cinematographer, writer and producer Ronald Neame died today at the age of 99. My first conscious introduction to Neame was as a boy seeing his filmed musical adaptation of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, called SCROOGE, in the movie theaters. The film has a spotty reputation and came at the end of an era whenContinue reading “Director/Cinematographer Ronald Neame Dies”

“How Dare You Edit Your Own Film,” And Other Creative Alienations

Why is it that so many people have such rigid definitions of what constitutes art or the artistic process? To me, it seems to defy the very definition. My experience working as a filmmaker in Hollywood has brought me face to face with folks who are striving to say something, and others who place littleContinue reading ““How Dare You Edit Your Own Film,” And Other Creative Alienations”

Del Toro Walks Away From THE HOBBIT

It looks like Warner Brothers’ LORD OF THE RINGS prequels, based on Tolkien’s THE HOBBIT as well as other Middle-Earth works, has hit a bit of a snag. Guillermo Del Toro has left the project as director, though he will remain attached as writer for a few more months before moving on. It seems schedulingContinue reading “Del Toro Walks Away From THE HOBBIT”

Actor/Director Mathieu Kassovitz Makes A Choice

Anyone who knows me knows my struggle to get my cut of THE PLAGUE released after watching the film get taken away and re-cut by producers into something almost unrecognizable. That’s why I want to applaud director Mathieu Kassovitz for speaking openly about the fate of his most recent film, BABYLON A.D. According to, Kassovitz admits that aContinue reading “Actor/Director Mathieu Kassovitz Makes A Choice”