Fare Thee Well Chicago: The Ephemeral Resurrection

For anyone who read my most recent posts, you know I was not a fan of the music-making that took place in Santa Clara, CA. at the Fare Thee Well Grateful Dead celebration. To clarify, my intent is not to diminish the experience of those who were there or those who genuinely loved the music.Continue reading “Fare Thee Well Chicago: The Ephemeral Resurrection”

Furthur Round Two: Back to the Greek

I first saw this post-Grateful Dead musical incarnation last year at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. They were here for one night only, but it was enough to convince me that this band had something going on that no other post-Jerry Garcia line-up had even come close to. Having already been a fan ofContinue reading “Furthur Round Two: Back to the Greek”

Weathering The Storm Of Disappointment: When DSO Doesn’t Turn The Clock Back Far Enough

This has nothing to do with the talent or skill of Dark Star Orchestra. I have never seen them not play well. But I am learning something about myself that I must face: I’m simply not fond of the Grateful Dead’s set lists or sound post 1984. In fact, I would go as far asContinue reading “Weathering The Storm Of Disappointment: When DSO Doesn’t Turn The Clock Back Far Enough”

DSO Does The Shrine ’78

Jeff Mattson made his Los Angeles debut as the lead guitarist/singer for Dark Star Orchestra Friday December 3rd, 2010 at the El Rey Theatre. My favorite venue to see this incredible band was the perfect setting for Mattson’s introduction to Angeleno Dead Heads and DSO Heads alike. I’ve been listening to Mattson’s work within this incarnation ofContinue reading “DSO Does The Shrine ’78”

Weekend Flashback: DSO’s Farthest Journey Back In Time To Date

Continuing their newly discovered ability to dip into the 1960’s, DSO has once again recreated a 1969 Dead show. This one from 04/22/69 at The Ark in Boston, MA. This is the oldest set of Grateful Dead music DSO has ever performed in their 13 years together. Very cool, if you ask me. And weContinue reading “Weekend Flashback: DSO’s Farthest Journey Back In Time To Date”

Jerry Garcia Week 2010: Day 3 – Dark Star

Taking a slight departure from Mr. Garcia’s own playing, I want to focus a bit on his legacy and the “scene” that lives on in his wake. While there are many jam bands out there, none have captured the Grateful Dead experience as closely as Dark Star Orchestra. Anyone who has followed my Dead-oriented scribblings hereContinue reading “Jerry Garcia Week 2010: Day 3 – Dark Star”

And The Winner Is… Jeff Mattson

Those of us following the trials and tribulations of Dark Star Orchestra know that, since the sudden exit of lead guitarist and founder John Kadlecik, DSO members have played with two different guitarists with the intent of making a final decision as to who would become their next permanent member. And while I personally lovedContinue reading “And The Winner Is… Jeff Mattson”

The Different “Jerrys” Of Dark Star Orchestra

What an interesting opportunity to be able to compare three different interpretations of Jerry Garcia’s influence on lead singer/guitarists all within the same band. Since founding member John Kadlecik made his exit to play lead in Bob Weir and Phil Lesh’s Further, Dark Star Orchestra has been playing with two different replacements. The first, andContinue reading “The Different “Jerrys” Of Dark Star Orchestra”

Stu Allen & DSO: Making Beautiful Music

It seemed no sooner had I discovered Dark Star Orchestra than lead guitarist John Kadlecik announced he’d be leaving the band to tour with Grateful Dead founding members Bob Weir and Phil Lesh. Quite a coup for the man who founded the single best Grateful Dead “cover” band ever with DSO. But, for anyone whoContinue reading “Stu Allen & DSO: Making Beautiful Music”

A Message From DSO’s Rob Eaton

Regarding questions on Dark Star Orchestra’s revolving lead guitarists, rhythm guitarist and singer Rob Eaton hopped on one of the forums to let everyone know the status: We are going through MAJOR changes and decisions, patience on the fans’ part would be a great help to us. Here’s what I can tell you at thisContinue reading “A Message From DSO’s Rob Eaton”