America: Insanity Or Performance Art?

Egypt. Wisconsin. Union rights. The Anti-Christ. It seems Glenn Beck and Fox News are on the loose again. This time they’ve brought in a self-proclaimed prophet as “expert” on comparing Obama to the Anti-Christ and why the goings-on in Wisconsin are about the end of days and turning America into an Islamic state and notContinue reading “America: Insanity Or Performance Art?”

Backstage With Jerry: The Interview, Portland, Oregon, 1977.

The following is an informal pre-show backstage interview with Jerry Garcia from the Paramount Theatre in Portland, Oregon, October 2, 1977. Unusually personal and casual. Just some guys hangin’ and chattin’ (and snortin’). There’s a reason they opened with Casey Jones that night! Jerry discusses the upcoming Egypt trip, his newest guitar, the politics ofContinue reading “Backstage With Jerry: The Interview, Portland, Oregon, 1977.”


The Grateful Dead‘s newest release ROCKING THE CRADLE has been slowly arriving in mailboxes all week. I was one of the lucky ones, apparently, who got mine early and undamaged. There have been some quality control issues surrounding this set that I feel confident Rhino will address in a timely and professional manner. They’re justContinue reading “ROCKING THE CRADLE: Egypt In A Box”

Under The Shadow Of The Sphinx: Grateful Dead In Egypt

30 years ago today, the Grateful Dead played a historic show, the third in a three-night run, under the shadow of the Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza. They were the first western band to be given permission to do so. Add to this night a lunar eclipse and the fact that a peace treaty wasContinue reading “Under The Shadow Of The Sphinx: Grateful Dead In Egypt”