Double G & Hal Masonberg on Chet Hanley’s “JAZZ IN THE MODERN ERA”

New doc JAZZ NIGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY’s sax player and composer extraordinaire, Geoff “Double G” Gallegos and JAZZ NIGHTS’ director Hal Masonberg were this week’s guests on Chet Hanley’s 3-hour TV show JAZZ IN THE MODERN ERA from April 5, 2016. There’s a lot of music and extraordinary archival video to listen and watch onContinue reading “Double G & Hal Masonberg on Chet Hanley’s “JAZZ IN THE MODERN ERA””

“A MOST VIOLENT YEAR.” When Good Films Are Passed Over

Having just watched J.C. Chandor’s latest film, A MOST VIOLENT YEAR, I was yet again reminded of how easily terrific filmmakers and layered storytellers get tossed aside in the face of all the brouhaha that are the Oscars.

A MOST VIOLENT YEAR is a terrific film with complex characters that don’t offer simple answers to difficult questions. It is also a film I was told by a number of friends to “pass” on. That’s what I was also told about Chandor’s ALL IS LOST. I almost missed both films and I am SO thrilled that I didn’t as both hold places in my favorite films of their respective years. You can read my review and commentary on ALL IS LOST here.

Tackling My Oscar Blues While Celebrating “BIRDMAN”

For anyone who has read my posts here for any length of time, you know that I have some serious issues with the Oscars. It wasn’t always that way and, perhaps, that is part of my struggle. Like many cinephiles out there, the Academy Awards were, as a kid, a big draw for me. IContinue reading “Tackling My Oscar Blues While Celebrating “BIRDMAN””

The Astounding Impulse of “JODOROWKY’S DUNE”

Passion. Vision. Insight. Inspiration. JODOROWKY’S DUNE is filled with all of these. The documentary directed by Frank Pavich explores the film that never was, but still managed to influence and even sculpt the following decades of popular cinema after the project itself had collapsed.  For me, watching and listening to Alejandro Jodorowsky talk about why he wanted to makeContinue reading “The Astounding Impulse of “JODOROWKY’S DUNE””

Cinephilia and Beyond The Infinite

Cinephilia and Beyond is probably the single best film site out there and has taken the place of insightful film mags that no longer adorn our newsstands (or have been replaced by tepid and less-inspired magazines that carry on those publications’ legacies in title only). The most recent article posted to C&B is TERRENCE MALICK’S ‘THE THINContinue reading “Cinephilia and Beyond The Infinite”


Like Jazz? Check out the 8-minute trailer for my documentary JAZZ NIGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY. It’s showing exclusively at my Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds to complete the film. Production is done and now we need help to bring the film to fruition. Even if you have no interest at all in contributing, check outContinue reading “Support JAZZ NIGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY”

Must-See Films

Thanks to modern internet technology (soon to be outdated), I have compiled the two previously posted MUST-SEE FILMS lists into one. The difference here is that, thanks to and its host, Eli Dragen, you can now click on the poster art for each film and it will self-calculate. For me, what’s interesting about thisContinue reading “Must-See Films”

THE HOBBIT: The Desolation Of Tolkien

Before anyone gets too excited or too defensive over the title of this post, let me start by proclaiming that I am not only a massive fan of Tolkien’s masterworks, but I am also a big fan of Peter Jackson’s filmic interpretation of THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. Now I’m speaking of the ExtendedContinue reading “THE HOBBIT: The Desolation Of Tolkien”

L.A. Film Critics Reveal Appalling Vapidity. Again.

This is truly appalling. It seems each and every year, film critics lose all perspective on films and filmmaking. If anyone out there believes GRAVITY to be a well-written film that reveals anything beyond the most one-dimensional and least introspective narrative created for the sole purpose of offering an audience what is essentially an overlongContinue reading “L.A. Film Critics Reveal Appalling Vapidity. Again.”