Happy Birthday, Pigpen!!!!

Today I’ll be celebrating Ron McKernan’s Birthday with yet another show from his final tour. The new Europe ’72: The Complete Recordings box is chock full of many of Pigpen’s last performances (he returned to the States for one more show at the Hollywood Bowl and then succumbed to the illness that eventually took hisContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Pigpen!!!!”

Jerry Garcia Week 2011. Let The Music Begin!

I’ll try and jump in here throughout the next 9 days encapsulating Jerry’s birth (Aug 1) and Jerry’s death (Aug 9) with some fun music and other discoveries. In the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JERRY! We certainly do miss you! I started the day off with a terrific ’74 EYES OF THE WORLD->WHARF RAT from SeattleContinue reading “Jerry Garcia Week 2011. Let The Music Begin!”

Jerry Garcia Week 2010: The Days Between

As anyone who occasionally peruses this blog knows, the days between August 1st and August 9th mark the birth (the 1st) and death (the 9th) of Jerry Garcia. Luckily, these events didn’t occur in the same year and the world was graced with the presence, inspiration and joy that was Jerry Garcia for 53 years.Continue reading “Jerry Garcia Week 2010: The Days Between”

Happy Birthday, Jerry!

Continuing Jerry Garcia Week here at The Hal Blog, I’ve posted a fantastic SCARLET BEGONIAS into FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN from the Capital Theatre in Passaic, NJ on April 27, 1977. Once again, it’s split in two due to Youtube time limitations. Enjoy…