Jerry Garcia Week 2011 Day 3: The Movie That Changed Jerry’s Life

Back in 1995, the year of Jerry’s passing, AMC ran a series titled THE MOVIE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE. Garcia was interviewed for this series and the movie he chose to discuss was ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN. Yes, you heard me right. It is so heartwarming and comforting to see Jerry discussing this filmContinue reading “Jerry Garcia Week 2011 Day 3: The Movie That Changed Jerry’s Life”

Jerry Garcia Week 2011 Day 2: The Interview

When the Grateful Dead Movie screened theatrically a few months back, it was preceded by a recently discovered 15 minute “interview” with Garcia. The footage was shot on 16mm and was part of the footage originally intended for the movie back in 1974. However, none of this footage actually made it into the film. ThoughContinue reading “Jerry Garcia Week 2011 Day 2: The Interview”

Long Lost, Alfred Hitchcock Interview Returns

In the fall of 1973, Tom Snyder devoted a full hour of his then brand-spankin’ new THE TOMORRROW SHOW to an interview with legendary director Alfred Hitchcock. The show was then repeated on Memorial Day 1980. Since that time, the footage was thought to be lost or destroyed. Well, it seems sometime last year, aContinue reading “Long Lost, Alfred Hitchcock Interview Returns”

Jerry Garcia Week 2010: Day 8 – Jerry Speaks

We’ve been listening to the music of Jerry Garcia all week, now lets listen to some of his words. Not lyrics (most of which were written by Robert Hunter anyway), but interviews. Hulu has a program titled NBC News On Stage: Grateful Dead: Jerry Garcia Speaks, Vol. 1. In it are a couple of fantasticContinue reading “Jerry Garcia Week 2010: Day 8 – Jerry Speaks”

The Dead Arisen: The Grateful Variety From 1977-10-29

Another amazing show to coincide with today’s celebration of the return of Jesus Christ (which is, of course, the sequel to “Jesus Christ”). What? An atheist Jew can’t celebrate, too? Hogwash! I spent the bulk of the day doing my taxes and listening to the Grateful Dead from Evans Field House at Northern Illinois UniversityContinue reading “The Dead Arisen: The Grateful Variety From 1977-10-29”

Backstage With Jerry: The Interview, Portland, Oregon, 1977.

The following is an informal pre-show backstage interview with Jerry Garcia from the Paramount Theatre in Portland, Oregon, October 2, 1977. Unusually personal and casual. Just some guys hangin’ and chattin’ (and snortin’). There’s a reason they opened with Casey Jones that night! Jerry discusses the upcoming Egypt trip, his newest guitar, the politics ofContinue reading “Backstage With Jerry: The Interview, Portland, Oregon, 1977.”

New Hal Masonberg PLAGUE Interview

It’s all about grass-roots. In my ongoing campaign to get the proper cut of my film THE PLAGUE released, I agreed to do an interview for a gentleman by the name of Michael L. King. Michael hosts a series of Youtube film reviews. It’s a small and very personal series, but filled with charm andContinue reading “New Hal Masonberg PLAGUE Interview”

Erasing Clouds Compares two PLAGUES

The web site Erasing Clouds describes itself as collected scribblings on music, film and other obsessions. It’s a fascinating site full of articulate reviews and cogent thoughts and I highly recommend a visit. Writer J.D. Lafrance wrote an article for his segment Cinematic Pleasures about my film THE PLAGUE. Lafrance not only discusses the troubled historyContinue reading “Erasing Clouds Compares two PLAGUES”

Paul Thomas Anderson: In Good Company

Here’s part of an interview I found and saved not long after being kicked off my own first feature, THE PLAGUE, which I wrote and directed. I wish I could remember where I got this from and as soon as I do, I’ll credit them. In the meantime, here’s the snippet of Paul Thomas AndersonContinue reading “Paul Thomas Anderson: In Good Company”