Fare Thee Well Chicago: The Ephemeral Resurrection

For anyone who read my most recent posts, you know I was not a fan of the music-making that took place in Santa Clara, CA. at the Fare Thee Well Grateful Dead celebration. To clarify, my intent is not to diminish the experience of those who were there or those who genuinely loved the music.Continue reading “Fare Thee Well Chicago: The Ephemeral Resurrection”

Craig Ferguson Figures Out Why Everything Sucks

I consider this post to be a companion piece to my post from earlier this week, DIY Plastic Surgery? WTF? Craig Ferguson, as his cold-open for the Late Late Show on Tuesday night, discussed America and the world’s obsession with youth and the extremes they go to in order to obtain/maintain. While this pre-monologue isContinue reading “Craig Ferguson Figures Out Why Everything Sucks”

Craig Ferguson’s Cold-Open Puppet Songs: Another Reason To Live

One of the greatest things about Conan O’Brien moving from his 12:30 pm slot to the Tonight Show’s 11:30 slot, was that it allowed me to drift on over to Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show at 12:30 instead. A big fan of Conan, I never before had an opportunity to catch the brilliant Mr. Ferguson.Continue reading “Craig Ferguson’s Cold-Open Puppet Songs: Another Reason To Live”