New Year’s Eve With Dead & Company

I finally caught up with Dead & Company live. It was at the Forum in Los Angeles for two nights closing out 2015. I’ve been watching and listening to the band’s entire tour online and have been incredibly impressed with the energy and communication happening up on that stage. My experience of being there was pretty great,Continue reading “New Year’s Eve With Dead & Company”


Like Jazz? Check out the 8-minute trailer for my documentary JAZZ NIGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY. It’s showing exclusively at my Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds to complete the film. Production is done and now we need help to bring the film to fruition. Even if you have no interest at all in contributing, check outContinue reading “Support JAZZ NIGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY”

L.A. Film Critics Reveal Appalling Vapidity. Again.

This is truly appalling. It seems each and every year, film critics lose all perspective on films and filmmaking. If anyone out there believes GRAVITY to be a well-written film that reveals anything beyond the most one-dimensional and least introspective narrative created for the sole purpose of offering an audience what is essentially an overlongContinue reading “L.A. Film Critics Reveal Appalling Vapidity. Again.”

Searching For The Sound: When Audiences Drown Out The Music

I suppose there has always been rude people at live shows. Any concert I’ve ever been to has had talkers. You know, those folks who seem to be only peripherally aware that someone is on stage making music and that there are people actually engaged in listening (or trying to listen, as the case mayContinue reading “Searching For The Sound: When Audiences Drown Out The Music”

Furthur Round Two: Back to the Greek

I first saw this post-Grateful Dead musical incarnation last year at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. They were here for one night only, but it was enough to convince me that this band had something going on that no other post-Jerry Garcia line-up had even come close to. Having already been a fan ofContinue reading “Furthur Round Two: Back to the Greek”

Weathering The Storm Of Disappointment: When DSO Doesn’t Turn The Clock Back Far Enough

This has nothing to do with the talent or skill of Dark Star Orchestra. I have never seen them not play well. But I am learning something about myself that I must face: I’m simply not fond of the Grateful Dead’s set lists or sound post 1984. In fact, I would go as far asContinue reading “Weathering The Storm Of Disappointment: When DSO Doesn’t Turn The Clock Back Far Enough”

Spielberg Makes Sure Fans Know He Is NOT George Lucas

Say what you want about Steven Speilberg, but he is fast becoming a firm and vocal voice against the re-writing of film history. So much so that he has not shied away from some very vocal jabs against old pal George Lucas who has recently come under fire once again for his incessant altering ofContinue reading “Spielberg Makes Sure Fans Know He Is NOT George Lucas”

DSO Does The Shrine ’78

Jeff Mattson made his Los Angeles debut as the lead guitarist/singer for Dark Star Orchestra Friday December 3rd, 2010 at the El Rey Theatre. My favorite venue to see this incredible band was the perfect setting for Mattson’s introduction to Angeleno Dead Heads and DSO Heads alike. I’ve been listening to Mattson’s work within this incarnation ofContinue reading “DSO Does The Shrine ’78”

Grateful Dead Go FURTHUR At The Greek

I’ve been listening here and there to this current incarnation of the Grateful Dead legacy; bits and pieces as they appear on and other sites. While I am already a fan of their newest lead guitarist John Kadlecik (of Dark Star Orchestra fame), I have found what I’d heard so far to be “interesting,”Continue reading “Grateful Dead Go FURTHUR At The Greek”

Last Week For Harryhausen Exhibit At The Academy!

If you live in Los Angeles or plan on visiting sometime in the next week, the Ray Harryhausen exhibit over at the Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences will be there through August 22nd. That gives you just 7 days to make it over there if you haven’t already (or go again if youContinue reading “Last Week For Harryhausen Exhibit At The Academy!”