The Dangers of Reserving Compassion For The Few And Not The Many


I see a lot of people writing about how we should, post-election results, allow ourselves the time to – and recognize the importance of being able to – embrace feelings of mourning, of anger and disappointment, of frustration and sadness. I couldn’t agree more. From the deepest recesses of my soul. These are real feelings attached to real human beings having a very real experience. It’s not only important to allow ourselves to feel these things, it is essential.

It’s also important to recognize when we don’t extend that same opportunity and compassion to others. When Bernie Sanders lost in the Primaries, the thing I heard the most from my most-avid Hillary-voting friends, was “Your candidate lost. End of story. Get over it. Shut up and stop whining.” This was followed by a barrage – both public and private – of Bernie Sanders supporters (and Independents) being shamed and derided, of being told they were “getting in the way” and, in no uncertain terms, to be silentI even had friends who mockingly shared a video of a young Bernie Sanders supporter crying when Bernie lost. They found it funny, absurd, ridiculous.

It is essential in breaking down the many actions taking place this election cycle, to comprehend the immense emotional and cultural need for a woman president in this country. The mourning happening now is real, as was the deep, deep desire that allowed many to see a monumental and long-overdue opportunity for healing and recognition and empowerment that should have taken place generations ago.

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The Dangers of Reserving Compassion For The Few And Not The Many

The Difficulties Of Voting The American Conscience


To my Hillary-supporting friends who insist that it is wrong and irresponsible, or even irrelevant, to have a hard time voting for Hillary (even though some of us will do it anyway, and others will not), please recognize that you, too, have another option:

Since you are clearly upset that there are Bernie voters who are NOT willing to vote for Hillary, AND many of you continue to insist that the difference between Hillary and Bernie is minimal, AND that most every Hillary supporter is ready and willing to vote for Bernie if he is the nominee…. And since the message I keep hearing over and over is that the only REALLY important thing here is to keep the Republicans out of office (more important than anyone feeling like they have the right to vote their conscience instead of your conscience), then maybe you should be voting for Bernie.

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The Difficulties Of Voting The American Conscience