Desires & Lessons: Articulating A Filmmaking Experience

Back in 2009, I was interviewed by illustrious writer and chef (yes, that’s correct, he’s also a masterful culinary expert) Herbert M. Brindl for Rogue Cinema. I’ve been interviewed a fair amount over the years in all kinds of publications — from print to the internet — regarding my somewhat harrowing and sadly-all-too-common experiences as the writer/directorContinue reading “Desires & Lessons: Articulating A Filmmaking Experience”

Why Fight For A Director’s Cut Of A Low-Budget Horror Flick?

Every once in a while someone asks me that. And it’s a valid question. THE PLAGUE, even in my cut, is a flawed film. It was compromised before we shot a single frame and that’s the sad truth. But regardless, everyone involved –well, those who cared about the integrity of the film and its story,Continue reading “Why Fight For A Director’s Cut Of A Low-Budget Horror Flick?”

THE 7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD On Blu-ray & Local Exhibit

The 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD is universally considered one of the best of all the Sinbad films. And a large part of the reason for that is the masterful effects work by Ray Harryhausen. Anyone who saw this film as a child knows that the images and effects are unforgettable, burned into our collective psyches.Continue reading “THE 7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD On Blu-ray & Local Exhibit”

Soderbergh Distresses About The Current State Of Film

In an interview with Henry Barnes of The Guardian UK, director Steven Soderbergh laments what currently feels like an industry that no longer has room for artists and visionaries like Soderbergh. And with increasing reports that studios are “taking even more control” and not allowing filmmakers or actors to call the shots anymore, Soderbergh mayContinue reading “Soderbergh Distresses About The Current State Of Film”

Hollywood Studios: More Afraid Than Ever?

For what seems an eternity, I have mourned the loss of the days when Hollywood studios managed to mix films that were simply meant to have mass appeal, with films that focused on a more demanding audience. But those days are long gone and seem, for the moment, to be drifting farther and farther away.Continue reading “Hollywood Studios: More Afraid Than Ever?”


Scott Weinberg over at (one of the web’s most widely read and well-respected film sites) has written an article about THE PLAGUE: WRITERS & DIRECTOR’S CUT titled, Fan Rant: How Sony Sank ‘The Plague’.  I’m honored to be in the pages of Cinematical and want to extend my thanks to Scott Weinberg for taking anContinue reading “CINEMATICAL Helps Spread THE PLAGUE”

More On Kassovitz & Fox

A few years ago, I spoke with a dear friend who was a producer of big films at Fox Studios. They had recently made a huge blockbuster action film (to protect the identity of said producer, I won’t mention the title) that made a lot of money, but was critically lambasted. And rightfully so. ItContinue reading “More On Kassovitz & Fox”