Revisiting Grateful Dead at SPAC ’83. Again.

I just finished listening, again, to one of my favorite Grateful Dead shows from the many I attended. Saratoga Performing Arts Center, June 18, 1983. I’m going through the vast 30 Trips Around The Sun box set which showcases a single concert from each year of Grateful Dead (30). I’ve been adding shows to each year as IContinue reading “Revisiting Grateful Dead at SPAC ’83. Again.”

Double G & Hal Masonberg on Chet Hanley’s “JAZZ IN THE MODERN ERA”

New doc JAZZ NIGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY’s sax player and composer extraordinaire, Geoff “Double G” Gallegos and JAZZ NIGHTS’ director Hal Masonberg were this week’s guests on Chet Hanley’s 3-hour TV show JAZZ IN THE MODERN ERA from April 5, 2016. There’s a lot of music and extraordinary archival video to listen and watch onContinue reading “Double G & Hal Masonberg on Chet Hanley’s “JAZZ IN THE MODERN ERA””

New Year’s Eve With Dead & Company

I finally caught up with Dead & Company live. It was at the Forum in Los Angeles for two nights closing out 2015. I’ve been watching and listening to the band’s entire tour online and have been incredibly impressed with the energy and communication happening up on that stage. My experience of being there was pretty great,Continue reading “New Year’s Eve With Dead & Company”

The Segregation of America’s Live Music Experience

Today I grabbed the cheapest tix possible to see Dead & Company here in L.A. with some dear friends. The concert will be on Dec. 30th (we’re skipping the New Year’s show). Our seats are in the nosebleed section behind the stage with an obstructed view. While excited to see this band live and hear someContinue reading “The Segregation of America’s Live Music Experience”

Fare Thee Well Chicago: The Ephemeral Resurrection

For anyone who read my most recent posts, you know I was not a fan of the music-making that took place in Santa Clara, CA. at the Fare Thee Well Grateful Dead celebration. To clarify, my intent is not to diminish the experience of those who were there or those who genuinely loved the music.Continue reading “Fare Thee Well Chicago: The Ephemeral Resurrection”

Fare Thee Well Night Two: Desire & Admission

You can read my post on the first night here.  It’s an odd experience feeling disappointment around something so very special and important in my life. Some have shared my experience and interpretation, others have their own and it varies wildly. No experience is wrong. I’ve been accused by some in the past few daysContinue reading “Fare Thee Well Night Two: Desire & Admission”

Fare Thee Well Stumbles Out Of The Starting Gate

Let me begin by saying I love these guys. I’ve been a hardcore DeadHead since 1975. It was a joy to see Phil Lesh smiling and having so much fun up there on stage for the first night of the 5-night Fare Thee Well 50th celebration of the Grateful Dead with the “core-four” remaining membersContinue reading “Fare Thee Well Stumbles Out Of The Starting Gate”

“NOT THE GRATEFUL DEAD” Even More Cynical Than I

I post the below article written by Stewart Sallo in the Boulder Weekly titled LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, NOT THE GRATEFUL DEAD not because I agree with it, but to represent part of the experience Dead-Heads are having. This article is far more cynical than I am. I would prefer to believe the remaining members of the GratefulContinue reading ““NOT THE GRATEFUL DEAD” Even More Cynical Than I”

Dave’s Picks Vol 13: Winterland, Feb. 24, 1974

It is such a treat to have an ongoing series of full-show releases of Grateful Dead concerts released by Rhino and the Dead (4 a year). Most of these shows were not originally recorded with the intention of commercial release, so many are imperfect insomuch as the mixes are not as precise as one might be usedContinue reading “Dave’s Picks Vol 13: Winterland, Feb. 24, 1974”

Grateful Dead 50th Reunion Event: Impressions & Struggles

We all knew that the remaining members of the Grateful Dead were probably going to do SOMETHING to celebrate the 50 year mark. I was curious and a little uncertain about how I felt at the idea of celebrating the Grateful Dead’s 50th anniversary 20 years after Jerry Garcia’s death. Since that epic loss, the GratefulContinue reading “Grateful Dead 50th Reunion Event: Impressions & Struggles”