“GODZILLA” And The Masquerade Of Modern Hollywood Storytelling

The great jazz guitarist, Greg Porée, once noted, “Los Angeles hires the world’s greatest musicians to play the worst shit.”  I feel like Hollywood does the same with actors. The combined talents of the individual actors that make up the cast of 2014’s GODZILLA would, in any other place other than Hollywood, warrant some serious attention.Continue reading ““GODZILLA” And The Masquerade Of Modern Hollywood Storytelling”

“STAR WARS” Versus My Ever-Growing Cynicism

With the arrival of the first teaser trailer for the new STAR WARS film (not due out till December 2015), I am reminded of just how little faith I have in both big-budget Hollywood cinema and the STAR WARS franchise itself. Truth be told, on its face, there’s nothing in the teaser trailer that should makeContinue reading ““STAR WARS” Versus My Ever-Growing Cynicism”

The Perfection That is “Sherlock” Returns

Shooting on Season 4 begins in January. Such good news! And it looks like there will be a SHERLOCK “special” in addition to the season’s 3 regular episodes. I’m not sure what qualifies as a “special,” but any more of these two together qualifies as special-enough for me. I just finished turning my girlfriend, Emily, on toContinue reading “The Perfection That is “Sherlock” Returns”

“SNOWPIERCER” May Be Terry Gilliam-Inspired, but It Lacks His Emotive Heart

Joon-ho Bong’s latest film, SNOWPIERCER is a mildly entertaining affair. It’s a fun sci-fi tale with some action and a cast of assorted characters, some more entertaining than others, but the film as a whole left me wanting. I enjoyed two of Bong’s previous films, THE HOST and MOTHER. Both dark films with an unusual humorContinue reading ““SNOWPIERCER” May Be Terry Gilliam-Inspired, but It Lacks His Emotive Heart”

The Fearless & Fearful Journeys of John Coltrane & the Grateful Dead

Music means so many different things to so many different people. There is such a wide variety of styles and approaches that to discount any form is to diminish the over all power of the art itself. In reading Richard Brody’s piece in the New Yorker, Coltrane’s Free Jazz Wasn’t Just “A Lot of Noise,” IContinue reading “The Fearless & Fearful Journeys of John Coltrane & the Grateful Dead”

Bless the Brits: MASTERS OF CINEMA Calls it Like It Is

Bless the Brits. Here in the States, we seem to pride ourselves on our right to be ignorant. But the British MASTERS OF CINEMA series of DVD and Blu-ray releases, like THE CRITERION COLLECTION here in the U.S., cares about the integrity of the work it puts out there. MOC takes it to the nextContinue reading “Bless the Brits: MASTERS OF CINEMA Calls it Like It Is”

“ALL IS LOST” Is Everything “GRAVITY” Could Have Been And Wasn’t

It took me a little while, but I finally caught up with ALL IS LOST. I was curious about the film at the time it came out, but didn’t make it into theaters to see it and hadn’t found the right night to sit down and watch it streaming at home. Until last night. I’d heardContinue reading ““ALL IS LOST” Is Everything “GRAVITY” Could Have Been And Wasn’t”

Cumberland County and the Fall of ’83.

Ok, so this video doesn’t look great, BUT… I sometimes forget just how many amazing and high-energy Grateful Dead shows I managed to see. I missed seeing the Dead in the mid-70’s and as a result missed my favorite era for them live (I started seeing them in ’79), so sometimes I forget that I DID manageContinue reading “Cumberland County and the Fall of ’83.”

The Astounding Impulse of “JODOROWKY’S DUNE”

Passion. Vision. Insight. Inspiration. JODOROWKY’S DUNE is filled with all of these. The documentary directed by Frank Pavich explores the film that never was, but still managed to influence and even sculpt the following decades of popular cinema after the project itself had collapsed.  For me, watching and listening to Alejandro Jodorowsky talk about why he wanted to makeContinue reading “The Astounding Impulse of “JODOROWKY’S DUNE””

Linda Tirado is Long Overdue on Overtime

It feels so odd, so rare and so right when someone calls it like it is. Linda Tirado, who recently rose to fame (and climbed out of poverty as a result) after Penguin convinced her to write her book HAND TO MOUTH: LIVING IN BOOTSTRAP AMERICA, speaks her mind and thoughts on Bill Maher’s REAL TIME WITH BILLContinue reading “Linda Tirado is Long Overdue on Overtime”